The 6Figure Side Hustle: Victoria Glam’s ‘The Microblading Institute’

Permanent makeup (PMU) is one of the largest beauty trends of the past 10 years. And, it’s not going anywhere, staying true to its name.

One of the leading permanent makeup avenues is microblading. Also known as cosmetic tattoos—or eyebrow embroidery—is a new technology that reshapes the eyebrows to maintain a near perfect look—without having to re-apply makeup every day. Victoria Racca, founder of Victoria Glam Permanent Cosmetics and The Microblading Institute, says, “It all comes down to practicality.”

As the American Academy of Micropigmentation’s Education Ambassador, Racca spoke about why microblading is gaining momentum in the beauty industry. 

“Because microblading is permanent, it requires little to no additional care to maintain beautiful brows. Microblading treatment lasts over a year, after which, a client only needs to book a single touch-up appointment. That’s it.”

Compared to constantly applying makeup day-in and day-out, microblading simplifies the typical makeup routine, saving a ton of time and energy.  Microblading is done through a process of using small needles that deposit pigment into the skin on your browline.  It also allows women to experience a more full, beautiful brow without the inconsistencies that they typically experience throughout the year.

Racca says, when done right, cosmetic tattooing like microblading can be life changing.  “I’ve had clients who have spent hundreds of hours penciling in their brows year after year. They just never realized they could get a full, finished look with microblading.” Not only are women turning to microblading as a solution to saving time and money on their brows, but some are turning to the career of microblading as a lucrative business opportunity. For a person with an entrepreneurial mindset, launching a microblading business could provide impressive returns. Demand for microblading procedures continues to grow. And, it can be a high-paying business since it’s a specialized procedure requiring training and certification. In fact, you can earn more in microblading than a university professor or a police officer—both of which require a 4 year degree.

According to Ziprecruiter, the average microblading salary in the U.S. is $106,000. Even though it’s a specialized, certified profession, much of the training can be completed in under 100 hours. And, ther average cost per treatment is $500-$1000. 

It’s also an excellent business venture since it’s so easy to integrate it into an existing beauty business like hair, nails, or lashes. Offering microblading as an additional service is a seamless way to grow your business.

That’s exactly what Victoria Racca experienced when she started Victoria Glam Permanent Cosmetics 6 years ago. 

“Sure, it pays really well since it’s a specialized trade. But, what I love about it is seeing women thriving after the procedure. It’s one less thing they have to worry about every day. And, it’s giving women confidence to look and feel good about themselves in who they are. Ownership of your time is PRICELESS! I own my business. I decide when I work and with whom… and for what price.”

But, it’s not just her clients who Racca’s giving confidence to. She’s also helping aspiring microblading artists gain the confidence they need to launch their own permanent makeup business. 

That’s why she started The Microblading Institute. 

“Helping other women begin their journey into owning their time and building a business around their family or lifestyle is my PASSION! The beauty industry can be really ugly and filled with gatekeepers. You won’t find that at The Microblading Institute. You can sit right here with me!”

“At The Microblading Institute, we educate women in permanent makeup (PMU) skills and help them to create ownership of their time as they turn these skills into real businesses. I do this through in-person, hands-on training and through my ever-expanding nationwide training program.”

The training itself is incredibly in-depth. But, the support doesn’t stop there. One of the more valuable aspects of the program at The Microblading Institute is the community. “We’re not here churning out student after student. That’s not a viable business anyway. We’re building a community of talented and gifted PMU artists who support one another year after year. We’re very casual here at The Microblading Institute. We really want you to feel like family. Our community refers to themselves as “The Brow Gang”, Racca mentioned as she let out a little chuckle. “Once you’re in, it’s like you’re a part of a gang—or a little sorority. Once you’re in, you’re in the Brow Gang for life.”

“We even provide free monthly training—even after you’ve graduated! That’s what makes MBI so valuable. It’s why MBI certificates hold their value.”

But, Racca’s Microblading empire doesn’t stop there.

She also created BrowSister, a permanent makeup product company. Selling internationally, the brand has quickly become a favorite of big name makeup artists like Shay Danielle, Sheila Bella, and TessTattoo. “Basically, my love for this industry—I just want to share it. I fell in love with everything about permanent makeup. I want to make an impact, giving women the confidence they need.”

Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, the Institute has over 4,000 square feet of educational and service provider space. 

The Microblading Institute is endorsed by the Louisiana State Department of Health and through the board of colleges. “We offer 4-day fundamental courses each month. These classes include education on color theory, understanding pigments, needle theory, brow mapping, and more.” MBI also offers a 100 hour course in accordance with the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) platinum curriculum. Victoria is also the AAM’s education ambassador – which means if you want to be an AAM approved trainer, you can submit your curriculum to her for help.

“Our students even get to work on two live models  per technique (brows, liner, lips..) under direct supervision before they receive their certificate. They also provide one-on-one advanced courses, host popular trainers in their space, like Will Anthony and Mary Ritcherson, hold small group courses for advanced techniques, continuing education courses, and some online only courses—such as two-minute brow mapping.

If you’re interested in fundamental training with The Microblading Institute, head over to for in-person or online training.

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