Albuquerque Tree Experts Lauded for Handling Fallen Tree Removal at Half the Normal Price


Albuquerque, New Mexico – When a large white oak tree fell on Kimmey’s landscape, the homeowner decided to get a team of qualified professionals in Albuquerque to get rid of the tree. Having worked with Albuquerque Tree Experts before, the homeowner knew the company would do a good job. 


“The tree fell in the middle of the night on a Friday,” said Kimmey. “Luckily, however, the tree did not cause property damage since it was standing far from utilities. The family did not want the tree on the landscape the whole weekend. For this reason, the husband called Albuquerque Tree Experts the following morning which happened to be a nice sunny morning. The husband hoped the company would receive his call and respond to his tree removal request.” 

Kimmey noted that Albuquerque Tree Experts did not ignore their call. The call was reportedly answered in the first ring and the company sent a team to the landscape an hour later. 

“It was quite a surprise because tree service companies in Albuquerque are usually closed for the weekend,” said Kimmey. “However, Albuquerque Tree Experts came in with advanced tools, sliced up the tree, and turned its trunk into portable pieces.” 

The homeowner noted that Albuquerque Tree Experts asked whether her goal was to replace the fallen tree or just leave the space unoccupied. The company noted that the goal of getting an answer to this question was to determine whether to grind the tree stump or pull it out together with the roots. 

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“The family loves its trees,” said Kimmey. “Therefore, the husband was planning to replace the fallen tree with a new one. The Albuquerque tree removal team was very effective when pulling out the tree stump. Using its advanced machines, the team of tree cutting professionals in Albuquerque pulled the whole stump out in less than 30 minutes.”

After pulling the tree stump out, Albuquerque Tree Experts went ahead and filled the hole. The company later cleaned the landscape, loading the tree stump, the trunk pieces, sawdust, leaves, and branches in its truck. The company reportedly left Kimmey’s cleaner than its team had found it. 

“The family had used Albuquerque Tree Experts to remove a 100-foot oak tree before,” said Kimmey. “Therefore, the husband knew the average price for removing such a tree. However, when the invoice for the tree removal job came in, everyone was surprised.”

According to Kimmey, the quotation for the fallen tree removal carried half the price she had expected it to carry. The homeowner was more than impressed by the opportunity to save money. 

To understand why Albuquerque Tree Experts charged Kimmey half the price she had expected, a group of reporters decided to contact the company’s CEO. 

“At Albuquerque Tree Experts,” said the company’s CEO, “the main goal is to ensure every homeowner is only paying for the service he/she has received. Compared to removing a standing 100-foot oak tree, removing a fallen tree of the same size is much easier.”

“With a fallen tree,” added the CEO, “most of the work has already been done. With much less effort being needed to remove the fallen tree, the cost of the tree removal procedure deserves to be much lower than when handling a standing tree. The company is happy to see that Kimmey was impressed with the price charged by the company’s tree removal team.” 

According to the CEO, Albuquerque Tree Experts schedules its tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation located at 6001 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 505-594-4798 and

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