Meta Arcade Enters the NFT-driven Metaverse: Merging Financial Opportunity and Nostalgic Arcade Gaming

Meta Arcade has launched Galaxy Invaders, a cross-chain P2E game and metaverse building a collaborative arcade gaming experience. With the nostalgia of old-school arcade games, Galaxy Invaders allows players to destroy alien invaders using powerful NFT spaceships and collect tokens. But here’s the thing: the tokens are actually crypto tokens. These can gain value in the same way Bitcoin or Ethereum can, and players can cash in their earnings to use in the real world. Meta Arcade tokens are already available on the Binance Smart Chain and will be launching soon on Cronos.

Meta Arcade’s P2E game does exactly what it says on the tin: players are rewarded with cold hard cryptocurrency by killing enemies and opening crates within the game. It consists of a 4-tier system for holders that governs the earning potential for players. Players must hold a minimum of $25 BUSD of METARC tokens for eligibility. Players can compete in tournaments, upgrading fighter and bomber class ships. With future updates of the game, the top tier levels can be unlocked allowing for the ability to create squadrons, purchase moons and space stations, and even create your own factions.

Meta Arcade is designed to create substantial earning potential with future roadmap plans of launching the token on Avalanche, Fantom, and Solana blockchains. They have an 8% buy and sell tax, broken down into 2% liquidity, 2% game rewards, and 4% development and marketing. This creates necessary leverage for game optimization in the future.

Currently, Galaxy Invaders is playable within any web browser on any device. It’s also available on the official Google Play Store and the Windows Store, compatible with all devices. Meta Arcade is verified on Altura Marketplace, where players can purchase NFT ships to engage in tournaments and crate collection. NFT upgrades allow players to supercharge their ships. The game design and tiering system is advantageous for gamers and investors alike.

The Meta Arcade team is unified by a mission to build the ultimate game with a team of highly experienced full-stack, blockchain and game developers.


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