64 and 65 Year Old Seniors Get Their Own Medicare Quiz

New Medicare I.Q. Quiz created to help 64 and 65 years of age determine if their knowledge of basic Medicare concepts is solid enough for them to choose the best Medicare options.

Washington – March 31, 2022 – Remembering the frustration and confusion that is the Medicare enrollment process, Ron Gadsden created a quiz to tease out a person’s actual knowledge of the things in Medicare that matter.  Ron has retired twice from the Information Technology area working in both the private and public sectors. Those preparing for Medicare enrollment need to take the selection process as very important. It was the confusion and frustration he felt nearly 10 years ago that prompted him to create a fun and challenging quiz to make it clear to seniors what is their knowledge base.  The quiz based on the answers provided will put quiz takers into four groups with a special assignment given to each grouping.

Ron says his experience with the myriad of choices was daunting.  He says he wishes there was someone that could have helped him one-on-one back when he had to make the decisions about Medicare. Ron says, today when the enrollment periods roll around annually, his son helps him with the choices.  His son is a licensed professional in the medical insurance industry. At some point seniors will need people like my son to help them.

One of the complex Medicare options offered is called the Medicare Advantage Plan.  The Medicare Advantage Plan is offered through individual insurance companies for localities.  Insurance companies will not necessarily offer the exact same plan for all locations where they are allowed to operate. The Medicare Advantage Plans have similar rules of operation like those of HMOs. 


If a senior plans to move from one state to another, that senior should determine if their current insurance company operates in the new location and provides the same plan features.

Medicare has evolved since it was signed into law in 1965.  Today Medicare has two flavors: Medicare Original and Medicare Advantage. Medicare Original has Part A which covers hospitalization and Part B which covers medical. There is a newer plan for drug coverage called Part D.  Medicare Advantage has some features of A, B and D and then some more offerings that support some level of help for dental and eye care. Which is better?  Which should a senior choose? Take the test to see if you are ready to make the choices.

Ron Gadsden retired the first time in his late fifties which was a few years before the Medicare choices were to be made at 65. When he turned 65, and it all became too much. He had questions about how his retirement health plan would mesh with the Medicare plans. In preparing the quiz, Ron says, he only just discovered that he would have had 60 days after turning 65 to make certain choices, especially if those choices were based on having preconditions coming into Medicare.

Ron says, after you take the quiz and want to talk to someone, you can give my son permission to call you, and he will.

You get to give that permission at the end of the quiz. He is licensed in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and California. Now take the quiz at this link.

About the author: 

Ron Gadsden is a retired project manager who worked in the private and public sectors. He loves games and has created a number that his family loves to play. He wants to stay current with technology. He continues to develop games and videos that are fun and informative. Memories of the difficulty he had figuring Medicare out when he enrolled years ago, remain firmly planted in his mind. He is trying to give back in a sense.

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