Eyab Mijwal Provides a new and distinct innovation in the field of safety

Eyab Mijwal Provides a new and distinct innovation in the field of safety

“An image showing how the device is installed on ordinary fire extinguishers, in addition to the general form of innovation”
A new and distinct innovation in the field of safety… The field of safety is one of the most important areas of the economy, which in turn contributes to neutralizing and limiting risks, minimizing their effects and defeating their danger.

The innovation presented to us by Engineer Eyab Mijwal is the fire extinguisher performance sensor, which evaluates the factors affecting the quality of fire extinguishers’ work through several important factors that greatly affect the work and efficiency of these extinguishers and their performance. Which negatively and positively affect the results of the use of extinguishers, which may reach failure, God forbid, which becomes a risk factor and not a safety factor in the field of safety, and Eng. Eyab Mijwal continues a hadith on the other hand that raising the efficiency of these factors and following them up contributes to positive results, which gives effective results in the field of safety. Firefighting and control.

Therefore, Eng. Eyab Mijwal worked on this new and distinguished innovation, which also works to move the components of extinguishers to maintain them for the longest period without any human intervention and at a lower cost and does not require a specialized technician in an easy and safe way.

The innovation also provides us with the provision of automatic and automatic prior warning about the effectiveness of the extinguisher through special equations carried out by the tool and gives us an alarm within the special control panel.

This mechanism can control and measure the quality of performance of all fire extinguishers. At home, work, or large buildings such as factories, power plants, train stations, etc.

Which needs to be reviewed, measured and tested manually and on a continuous periodic basis to effort, time and number of workers and this is the currently implemented method that costs a lot of money.

As for using this innovation, which is one of the most important features offered by Engineer Eyab Mijwal in this innovation is that it is installed on ordinary fire extinguishers and does not require placing connections or modifications to operate as required automatically without periodic human intervention, the device can be connected digitally through digital networks or mobile.

The innovation increases the safety of using the fire extinguisher and makes it a ready means when it is urgently needed at all times without the need to check it periodically.

Eng. Eyab Mijwal says that most people may forget to check the fire extinguisher or may not remember when the last time the fire was checked, and even if it is checked, they cannot be sure of all aspects and ensure the quality and efficiency of its work.

For this reason, Eng. Eyab Mijwal obtained an approval for the protection document from the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property with grant number SA9581 on December 17, 2021 AD as an industrial model in addition to the protection document from the Patent and Trademark Office in the United States through the research he submitted at the Saudi Mining Polytechnic.

Eng. Eyab Mijwal provides a simple explanation of the device and how to connect it to the digital network: The device consists of a device that can be installed on most fire extinguishers, and this tool contains special sensors that measure humidity, heat and pressure levels, which cause the extinguisher to malfunction.

In addition to the first tool, there is a second tool associated with it, which operates with a specific, precisely calculated mechanism to ensure the safety of the contents and components of the extinguisher internally. On its panel there is a screen containing the rates of humidity, temperature, pressure and battery strength. The tool also contains indicators indicating the validity of the extinguisher and its components as well as their condition that It was not working or not valid, and indicators point out that all standards are working with full efficiency in addition to the possibility of programming the tool and linking the device wirelessly with the fire system and network internally or remotely in order to report the extinguishers that do not work and need maintenance.

Eng. Eyab Mijwal hopes that his innovation will spread widely and widely because of its many advantages.

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