Receive Fresh and Local Produce Delivered Right at the Doorstep with Get Florida Produce

Bringing the freshest local produce to Central Florida families.

If there is one thing people have learned living amidst a global pandemic, it is to take care of their health by staying mindful of what they eat and drink. Eating fruits and vegetables are simply one of the easiest and most affordable ways to maintain good health. And fortunately, families in Central Florida can now make healthy yet tasty home-cooked meals and snacks made from fresh and local produce with Get Florida Produce.

What started out as a business to help out Florida farmers when demand for produce decreased has become a mainstay. Founded by Larry Gebman through his efforts of connecting farms and growers across the state, Get Florida Produce is a program that delivers fresh and locally grown produce right at the doorstep of its clients.

A lot of people have skipped the produce aisle and switched to Get Florida Produce’s delivery service. Particularly, people are raving about how the Get Florida Produce service allows them to eat healthy and save time, lose weight, and have access to super fresh and high quality products that were directly sourced from local farms and distributors. After all, farm fresh is always better.

Enjoy farm fresh produce and indulge in healthy home cooked meals and flavorful snacks. For pricing and availability of their service, visit the Get Florida Produce website at

About Get Florida Produce

Get Florida Produce is an online shop that connects farmers and growers across the state through a program that delivers fresh and locally grown produce. They strive for zero food waste by donating to local food banks and composting food waste into soil for gardens.

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