Nutroz removes the stink from sports gear

Nutroz’s neutralizing ozone technology is proving a game changer for smelly sports gear, helping to eliminate the bacteria that cause those unpleasant odors.

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The revolutionary patent pending technology developed by Nutroz harnesses the power of ozone to reach surfaces most other cleaners can’t and neutralize the molecules and bacteria that cause stubborn odors through a process called oxidation.

“In sports, there’s no pain without gain, and a usually a fair amount of sweat, sometimes even blood and tears. If you lead an active lifestyle or manage a locker room, all that effort equals smells that can be tough and time-consuming to remove. Not to mention the costs associated with traditional cleaning. The washing, the laundry soap, the water, the utilities, they add up quickly. Plus, with every wash and high heat drying session, you’re compromising the fabrics and bindings of your jerseys, shoes, and other gear,” explains a representative for the company.

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“Nutroz not only offers an easy and effective way to deodorize sports equipment, but it’s also gentle and great for people with sensitivities to harsh disinfectants, chemicals, and sanitizing aerosol sprays. And being planet-friendly, you get to stay green while keeping your gear clean.”

Nutroz units are fast gaining popularity among athletes, fitness centers, yoga studios, second-hand sports stores, and spin facilities for their versatility and portability. 

“You can easily take it with you on the bus, to the locker room, even the field, for fast gear refreshes between games. That means no more riding home with pungent smelling equipment or forcing mom to open that stinky hockey bag at the end of the tournament weekend.”

Nutroz removes stubborn odors from all sports equipment, including helmets, jerseys, gloves, jockstraps, elbow pads, yoga mats and blocks, spin shoes, ski boots, socks, cleats, and gym bags.

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“Whatever sport or activity you’re passionate about, the Nutroz unit gives you the confidence to perform at your best while extending the life of your gear. Thanks to our revolutionary ozone technology, you get to play hard, and do it all again tomorrow with gear that smells as fresh as the day you bought it,” concludes the representative.


Nutroz is the brainchild of a small group of entrepreneurial engineers who wanted to solve an everyday household problem: refreshing and removing odors from their hockey equipment while saving space in their already cramped houses. After reviewing the available disinfecting and sanitizing options, none of which were liquid, detergent, or chemical free, they realized the need for a more sustainable, innovative hygiene solution and so the Nutroz vision was born.

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