GTT leads the development of shared economy in the world tourism industry

Currently, the sharing economy boom is sweeping the world, benefiting billions of consumers. The hegemonic storm of the sharing economy is sweeping the world with the United States at the center. It brought an abundance of water vapor and quickly swept North America, Europe and Asia., Australia and Africa are already showing momentum in many countries to reshape their economies. From the perspective of economic scale, the US sharing economy market is estimated to be about US$510 billion, accounting for about 3% of US GDP, ranking first in the world.

In the sharing economy, the identities of participants are changing day by day, and a new concept – prosumers has emerged. A recent Google survey found that 90% of bookings or plans are made through mobile devices if demand cannot be met quickly. Travelers choose other websites or apps. Travel companies need to transform their digital strategies to meet consumers’ changing preferences for online interactions. The sharing economy has gained the recognition and support of more and more consumers. By 2025, the market volume will reach 335 billion US dollars. Whoever grasps the trend of the sharing economy will seize the wealth. 

Seeing the unstoppable development momentum and huge potential of the sharing economy, GTT aims to become the benchmark of the sharing economy tourism center and lead the development of the sharing economy in the world tourism industry. The full name of GTT is Global Travels Tours, referred to as “GTT”. Founded in Colorado, USA in 2018, it covers hotels, attractions, restaurants, airlines, and travel planning and booking capabilities worldwide. Is a travel information, network interaction, e-commerce platform. One-stop professional travel website. At present, it has in-depth cooperation with major global hotels and tourism industries such as Omio, eDreams,, Booking, Agoda, and Airbnb, providing them with services such as publicity, traffic, and promotion, and bringing corresponding benefits to customers. Platform and users, to achieve the trinity. The purpose of mutual benefit and win-win for diversified industries.

In recent years, GTT has developed its traditional business through independent innovation and developed Internet information technology, forming a tourism industry ecosystem of “big connection + big data + big service”, and has built a “big connection + big data + big service” tourism industry ecosystem with independent intellectual property rights and unique characteristics. Tourism + Internet” sharing economic development model. Through the intelligent ecological interaction system, GTT’s industrial chain closely links all users together. Since its launch, GTT has provided more than 36 million users with a full range of travel services including hotel booking, air ticket booking, vacation booking, business travel management, preferential merchants and travel information. Provide publicity, traffic, and promotion services for the major hotels and tourism industries around the world, so as to generate corresponding profits for the platform and users and achieve the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win. Large-scale operations can not only provide users with more high-quality travel options, but also ensure the standardization of services, thereby ensuring service quality and reducing operating costs.

Under the severe test of the global epidemic, GTT did not stop, but actively cooperated with hotel groups and OTAs around the world to provide hotel price comparison and jump booking functions. GTT encourages users to take advantage of the online Internet to help the promotion of major tourism industries, increase the exposure and popularity of major scenic spots in the world, promote tourists to travel to surrounding areas, increase and promote the development of local tourism, and obtain corresponding profit dividends. In terms of promotion and operation, GTT adopts an original big data sharing economic model to solve the problem of reemployment for users. Users can work part-time at home to complete promotion tasks and earn generous commissions for themselves. Since its launch, GTT has helped over 100,000 people achieve $10,000-$100,000 in monthly income.

GTT breaks the traditional way of working, through a powerful intelligent push engine and settlement system, it plays a huge role as a bridge between users and cooperation platforms. Only a smartphone is needed at any place, at any time, as long as the simple Tasks, you can work and make money anytime, anywhere, and it is the best re-employment platform to start a side business for yourself! 

According to the latest statistics, there are currently more than 4.3 million users using GTT. With the continuous expansion of the platform’s global planning, it is expected that the number of registered users will reach 50 million in the next three years. Join us now, join the ranks of GTT agents to promote, help more people break through the predicament, have a second income, and actively create a better future for yourself and your family, right now! At GTT, we look forward to welcoming you with great enthusiasm.

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