Outlines Medicaid California: Making Healthcare Accessible to More People Outlines Medicaid California: Making Healthcare Accessible to More People

Based on historical records, health insurance dates back as far as the 1850s. In the beginning, it wasn’t very common. Most people couldn’t afford to pay extra money to plan for possible illnesses and injuries while struggling just to make ends meet. Eventually, medical coverage became more widespread and, by some standards, more affordable. Today, an estimated 297 million Americans have health insurance. Of course, approximately 30 million don’t have coverage, including both adults and children. For many of them, conventional coverage just isn’t an option. 

Why Don’t Some People Have Medical Insurance?

Many might question why people would choose to go through life without some level of medical insurance coverage. After all, treatments for even minor illnesses and injuries can be expensive. Covering the cost of small-scale medical issues has left many families in financial ruin. Wouldn’t having coverage for such problems make good financial sense? As it turns out, millions of people just can’t afford medical insurance. As was the case during the 1800s and early 1900s, those Americans simply have to hope for the best. One can click for more info on possible resolutions to this situation. In the meantime, though, consider a few of the possibilities.

Healthcare Coverage through an Employer

Many people are currently receiving healthcare coverage through their employers. Companies often work with insurance providers to offer coverage to employees and their family members. About half of Americans have access to health insurance via employer programs.

Having said that, not all workers have enough extra money in their budgets to cover the cost of this option. It’s not necessarily less expensive than other solutions, especially when purchasing coverage for spouses and dependents. That leaves quite a few Americans out of luck and looking for other solutions according to

Individual Coverage

These days, there’s a vast network of insurance providers across the nation. They offer various types of medical coverage for both individuals and families. Numerous add-ons are available to enhance basic policies as well though they come at additional costs. For many people, those prices are just too much to bear. Still, Newsom’s Big Promises on Drug Prices Are Slow to Materialize and the cost of healthcare is on the rise, so quite a few people feel they have no other options. 

Finding an Affordable Solution

In light of the existing issues, companies like IEHP are striving to make a difference. They offer medical insurance for people who qualify for their services based on income and other factors. Some of their coverage plans come at no cost to those who qualify. Others have minimal premiums while still offering extensive coverage. 

Getting Much-Needed Medical Coverage

Countless medical insurance policies are now available to people, making for much broader coverage options than ever before. Certain individual policies can be notoriously costly. Even employer-sponsored plans are above many people’s pay grades. That doesn’t mean those who can’t afford coverage are left out of the mix, though. Low-cost and free coverage is available through certain sources, and they’re making healthcare accessible to more people. 

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