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Elope is a breakthrough flight booking app that is all set to redefine the traditional air travel industry through a more convenient, flexible, and affordable subscription-based flight booking system.

London-based startup, Elope, introduces a breakthrough subscription-based air travel app that enables users to book  flights around the world, for a fixed monthly subscription. Titled “Elope”, the innovative app assures ultimate flexibility of air travel and affordable subscription plans for all budgets.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Elope is geared to redefine the air travel industry and for the better through its innovative subscription-based miles booking model. According to the Elope team, it is somewhat like the “Netflix” of the air travel industry. Netflix extends a reasonably-priced subscription-based package for watching favourite films and shows – minus the hassle of booking film tickets or worrying about being on time for the movie every time. Similarly, with Elope, users won’t have to pay for tickets and deal with the hassle experienced with the traditional air travel scene every time they wish to fly. Elope users will already have a specific amount of yearly miles that they can use as they want allowing them to fly anywhere and with any airline they want. 

“Booking a flight has never been a cakewalk. You book after browsing scores of websites, make the payment, and pray that your flight does not get cancelled, re-priced, or postponed. Add to the mix the nasty surprise of sneaky hidden fees. How about a solution that can stop all these issues and make flight booking and air travel a flawless, convenient, and affordable experience? Well, this is where Elope comes to the rescue”, stated Saqib Munir from the Elope team.

Elope works with a simple 2-click flight booking system-

  • Open the app
  • Choose destination
  • Book the flight
  • And it’s done!

Elope is designed to eliminate or prevent the typical problems experienced in the traditional air travel industry, such as:

  • Wastage of time and money
  • Increased flight prices, especially in the peak travel seasons
  • Payment issues
  • Account issues
  • The pressure of saving up for months or even years
  • Lack of easy flexibility
  • The pressure of browsing several websites to find an affordable deal
  • Unfair and confusing airline systems

On the contrary, Elope is all set to revolutionize the air travel industry with the following benefits-

  • Affordably-priced subscription plans that can cater to all kinds of budget
  • Optimum flexibility
  • Convenient booking
  • No need to waste time browsing several websites for an affordable flight deal
  • The convenience of membership freeze while not traveling
  • Ability to gift and share miles to even non-Elope users
  • Ability to use Rollover miles from the previous year
  • No issue of a price increase during peak seasons

Unlike traditional air flight booking websites, Elope assures no data tracking of users. The app will also allow users to rate their airline experience after a flight. Besides, Elope has a bunch of loyalty rewards for users in the pipeline.

“Elope is ‘the’ air travel booking app that we all have been waiting for this long. It’s easy to use and relieves you from the hassles of complicated booking systems, exorbitant price increases, and unwanted cancellation and rebooking fees. No longer would you have to waste time browsing several sites to find the best flight deals. Rather, at Elope, we will bring in the best deals on the market right at your fingertips. However, such a revolutionary app demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Elope to life and make air travel more convenient, flexible, and affordable than ever.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on Elope with upto 43% off.

To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1483900100/elope-subscribe-fly-its-that-simple?ref=7bx0da

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