Create That Perfect Smile With New Modern Dental Techniques at Carrier Dentistry in Grand Prairie Texas

Advances in dentistry have made it easier to achieve a perfect smile and Carrier Dentistry is offering information for Grand Prairie Texas residents on the type of treatment that they can use to help create that perfect smile through the use of bonding, crowns, veneers, cosmetic contouring, aligners, teeth whitening, or any combination of the treatments.

Dr. Hien to of Carrier Dentistry in Grand Prairie Texas is giving information on new modern dental techniques that can help anyone achieve that perfect smile. Most people are not born with a perfect smile but cosmetic dentistry can fix it to make it look like you have been blessed with perfect teeth. Modern dental procedures can fix teeth that have been chipped, discolored, or even misaligned. Advances in dentistry have created an avenue where a patient can walk into a dental office and regain their confidence by making their smile perfect. Below are some of the most popular procedures that a cosmetic dentist can utilize to help anyone achieve that glowing smile.


Dr. Hien To says that this is the least expensive and easiest treatment for cracked, chipped, and gapped teeth. The changes are minor and help to reshape the teeth. During the treatment, the dentist will apply tooth resin that can be shaded and layered to provide a natural look.


The doctor explained that crowns are a type of prosthetic used to fix the enamel of the tooth by covering the entire tooth. In doing so, the crown will restore the functionality, strength, durability, size, shape, and look of the teeth that were damaged by normal decay or cracks. Crowns typically can last a long time in the range of about 14 to 18 years if they are will maintained through normal brushing and flossing.


Advances in dental techniques in the realm of veneers have created incredible aesthetic looking natural smiles. Veneers are extremely thin and custom made to fit like a puzzle piece to your tooth. They can be made from ceramic or porcelain that is bonded to the teeth. The color, size, length, and shape will look completely natural. Veneers generally have a long life span of about a decade.

Cosmetic Contouring

According to Dr Hien To, your teeth can be reshaped to help improve minor imperfections like uneven teeth or overcrowding of your teeth. The procedure is very quick and inexpensive. There is no pain involved.

Clear aligners

The doctor informed us that aligners are used to help straighten your teeth if you are experiencing crowding. Aligners are popular among kids in middle school and high school because Invisalign is a clear option that only lasts three months. Dr. Hien To has treated hundreds of patients with Invisalign in her time in Grand Prairie Texas.

Teeth Whitening

Patients seeking an option to get immediate teeth whitening results can be treated with high-concentrations of bleach and light to change the shades of their teeth. The process of bleach and light will accelerate teeth whitening about three to four times faster than any product you can purchase over the counter. While results are fast, Dr. Hien To recommends that you only do this process twice a year maximum to prevent sensitivity in your tooth.

Making over your smile

In some cases, Dr. Hien To recommends a combination of the above treatments to have a dramatic and full smile makeover. A full smile makeover involves planning ahead of time with models and working closely with dental labs to achieve the youthfulness of a patient’s smile while keeping the function of the bite.

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