American Samoa Opens Up Space For More LLC Business Registration

Fast-rising United States territory, American Samoa, opens up their economy by allowing more businesses to register as LLC and acquire US federal tax ID

It is looking like good times for organizations that are looking to spread their reach across international borders as the government of American Samoa, a fast-emerging territory under the United States, continues to ease the process of doing business and registering corporations. In a related development,  the United States has added American Samoa as an online option for federal tax ID, a feat that has further endeared the territory to businesses and even individuals from different parts of the world.

The business environment is becoming more dynamic by the day, with the emergence of a plethora of tech-driven solutions as well as varying consumer preferences making it imperative for organizations to tweak their processes and offerings. It has also become important for businesses to expand their reach, with the United States and its territories among the top destinations for organizations looking for an international presence. Consequently, American Samoa aims to help business owners to live their dream of owning an LLC through their online application portal.

American Samoa seeks to help entrepreneurs create an LLC without having to break the bank or go through the long bureaucracy and its inherent bottlenecks that have often frustrated most business owners. The portal designed to enable businesses to form an LLC online is user-friendly and well-detailed, containing all the necessary resources for a seamless process.

The popularity of American Samoa as a business hub has increased tremendously in recent times, as more entrepreneurs seeks the benefits of opening an LLC in the territory. With economic activities strongly linked to the United States, American Samoa offers similar benefits as businesses operating in the world’s largest economy.

Benefits that accrue to businesses that have registered as an LLC in American Samoa include LLC Confidentiality, privacy of owner information, no state taxes, personal asset protection, as well as a user-friendly one-stop application. There is also no third party requirement, US citizenship or annual renewal requirement, with options for discounted annual report fees, and the possibility of transferring ownership of business.

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