Introducing TeslaBit, the first-ever play-to-earn futuristic racing game in metaverse

TeslaBit, the first-ever play-to-earn racing game in metaverse that focuses more on creating a futuristic racing experience has set the end of its ongoing pre-sale date to the 20th of April. In TeslaBit, Players can use the token, TeslaBit Token, to compete in tournaments, buy cars, new skins, and perform mechanical modifications.

User statistics show the rapid pace of adoption of blockchain gaming. According to Massoit, the number of daily unique wallets interacting with game-related smart contracts surged to 1.3 million last year, a 46-fold increase over the 28,000 at the end of 2020. And the fast expansion shows few signs of slowing: “2022 is going to be huge for crypto and gaming,” says Gerald Votta, director of GameFi research for Quantum Economics. “Look for the number of games in the space to more than double over the next few years”, and TeslaBit is set to capitalize on this explosion.

The TeslaBit was primarily designed for players and creators, with the platform consisting three primary components: a marketplace, a game, and the game itself. This is a racing game that will be available on the platform whenever it is released. ”We expect the game to be released within the next 12 months. In the game, players will compete in tournaments for which they will be paid, as well as a race on tracks all across the metaverse.” said the CEO at TeslaBit Token.

Players will also be able to build their own garage, buy and sell automobiles, rent out garage space, and auction their assets. Various tracks can be acquired and used to stage tournaments for which you can sell tickets. The more races that players win, the more rewards they will receive; there will be no limit to how much money they can earn.

TeslaBit, with a Token supply of 5,000,000,000 TBT has set out 30,000,000 TBT for pre-sale and 16,875,000 TBT for Liquidity. There will be a 12% tax on every transaction. All holders who at least hold 2 million Tokens will receive dividends FROM every transaction. ”After pre-sale 75% of all raised amounts will be automatically added to the Liquidity pool, another amount WIll go into marketing funds, team building, and other development-related stuff”, declared the CFO at TeslaBit Token.

Analysts believe TeslaBit Token is towing the steps of others before it, all of whom believed that the Metaverse will become the next digital wonder of the future. For this TeslaBit project, one thing is certain, with the acumen and insight of the CEO and CFO, the TeslaBit Token will undoubtedly be a smart investment choice for every web 3.0 enthusiast out there. 

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