Dr. Larry Zhao rated America’s Best Dermatologist

Dr. Larry Zhao, MD graduated from one of the most prestigious and elite magnet schools in the country, as well as an impressive trio as a Computer Science Engineer, Surgeon, and Medical Doctor in Dermatopathology was recently named America’s Best Physician in Dermatology and Dermatopathology.

He is a multi-Ivy league-trained Medical Doctor and Surgeon that specializes in the diagnosis of rare skin conditions and cancers. His residencies and fellowships include Harvard University, University of Massachusetts, University of California San Francisco, and Vanderbilt.

Dr. Zhao has also produced ground-breaking published research in some of medicine’s most regarded medical journals, and has also received an award as – the Year’s Physician Award for Excellence in the field of Dermatologic Medicine and Sciences due to his research.

Dr. Larry Zhao is also a Harvard guest speaker and Adjunct Professor at Harvard University Medical School in Dermatopathology.

He owns a dermatology practice in Indianapolis, IN – Elevated Dermatology, although, currently experiences waitlists.

Zhao is also a philanthropist, husband, and father – he considers himself “highly dedicated to his family” to South China Press, but provides no other insight into his family matters.

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