By the End of March, 100 Million GULF Coins had Been Sold.

By the End of March, 100 Million GULF Coins had Been Sold.

“By the End of March, 100 Million GULF Coins had Been Sold.”
GulfCoin has Achieved Astounding Results and Large-scale Adoption in Two Weeks Since the Start of the ICO.

In two weeks, GulfCoin ICO achieved remarkable and interesting results that made it the focus of attention for followers of the digital financial market particularly in the Arab region and the Far East. Over 100 million coins have been sold in two weeks, setting a new standard for Arab digital projects. A high-quality launch resulted in a rapid price increase, which is a very positive sign for investors, as this investment began to bear fruit during the presale stage, prior to the currency becoming available for trading on platforms.

GulfCoin ICO continues on the official website of the currency. GulfCoin is now available on Pinksale too. 

In the meantime, the currency is close to achieving the first goal, the Soft Cap, which is 150 million coins during the ICO stage targeted by the project in order to move forward as planned in the road map in order to achieve the roadmap projects.

Global adoption and listing on widely recognized platforms

Exploring new global markets and mass adoption, in addition to listing the currency on the coinmarketcap website during the presale period are achieved till now.

The team efforts impressed the digital community, which rushed to buy and support the currency at all levels.

Since the first days, the currency has seen widespread adoption and support from the Far East, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates to the rest of the world, which has prompted the trading titans to support the currency and the GULF project due to the team efforts in addition to the important type of projects that the region and the rest of the world’s financially marginalized regions require.

Digital trading global platforms CoinTiger and XT from Singapore, as well as the British premium trading site P2PB2B, officially announced their support for the currency and its listing immediately after presale. Additionally, the British website announced its participation in the ICO and made fifty million coins available to the platform’s users.

Additionally, the currency has been listed on the global website Pinksale and made available for purchase in preparation for its listing on the Pancakeswap platform which tops the list of the most used decentralized platforms with the largest number of users.

The first two weeks of the presale period had a significant impact on the currency’s price, which increased significantly as a result of the high demand for this unique project.

Thirty global platforms are targeted by the campaign

Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Asfar, financial expert and official spokesman of the project, stressed the importance of ensuring the highest standards of cyber security for the currency campaign and the community that supports it. “The project is audited by the leading German company SOLIDProof. The team is making the right efforts to make the currency available on over 30 of the world’s most important trading platforms. We are working to meet all the demands of our community,” Al-Asfar said.

About GULF

Gulf software and technology company has launched the GULF digital initiative. For a purposeful project, this initiative brings together Arab entrepreneurs and Blockchain experts from around the world.

The GULF vision is about ensuring financial inclusion and providing digital services for the masses, particularly marginalized communities.

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