Introducing TFN.Media, a Revolutionary Social Media Platform Offering Free Speech and Freedom of Expression to Users

The newly launched social media platform has been endorsed by the Florida Republican Assembly and dubbed to be free from BIG Tech influence

BIG Tech refers to the five biggest social media and tech companies, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook (Now Meta), and Microsoft. These platforms have exercised total dominance over the tech space in the last decade, dictating user behavior, speech, and published content. Facebook especially bans users on the grounds of violating policies so many it isn’t easy to wrap one’s hand around them. Often, users get their favorite posts and accounts banned from these social media platforms, which can be disheartening.

To curb the menace of these BIG Tech companies and offer users a platform where they can express themselves in freedom, TFN.Media was launched. The platform seeks to relieve people of the frustrations associated with “fact” checking, suspensions, bias, and BS faced with social media platforms today. TFN.Media is a fast-growing platform and has been dubbed an anti-Facebook platform with data privacy, free speech, and no ads.

“Social media should be about conversations, community, and connecting – NOT censorship,” explained a spokesperson for TFN.Media. “Our mission is to protect America and free speech while providing a safe, secure platform where you can connect with family and friends, and engage in respectful debate.”

One of the many cool features of TFN.Media is that it is a fun social platform that allows users to communicate online the same way they do offline authentically: with people they know and like and with people with whom they share common interests and hobbies. The platform is built on trust, freedom, and love for social media users worldwide. 

TFN. Media’s growth in recent times can be attributed to multiple factors, including a backlash against privacy violations and widespread censorship from Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites against conservatives, African Americans, LGBTQ, alternative health advocates, and others. 

The platform promises to protect users’ privacy and right to free speech. TFN.Media is unique in that users own their data on the network. “You have complete control over the data on your newsfeed and timeline,” continued the company’s spokesperson. “And in a clear dig to Facebook, this cutting-edge new platform will NEVER sell any personal information to third-party providers.”

TFN.Media also promises not to target users with advertisements. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, the network won’t monitor or regulate its user’s activity. They also vow to abide by no commercial or political bias. Additionally, there is no facial recognition or censorship. 

The social media platform is now available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After downloading, users will have to sign up for free access to all the features, including news feeds, chats, cloud storage, etc.

About TFN.Media

TFN.Media allows connection in real-time, with no interference from advertisements or algorithms and no need to pay to boost content. No Ads, No Targeting, No BS. Member data is #NotForSale. To download TFN.Media mobile app, please visit

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