Get the Ultimate Christmas Gift Experience for Children with TextsFromSanta

Santa’s got a new cell phone for Christmas, and he can text!

What happens when Santa Claus gets a new cell phone and learns how to text? He texts all the good children in the world, of course. And that is why a team of software developers – who are passionate about keeping people connected – went out of their way to help Santa build a way to communicate with as many of the good little boys and girls around the world as often as possible.

With TextsFromSanta, children can get personalized messages, pictures, videos, and games from the North Pole. He even sends never-before-seen, secret pictures of his workshop and reindeers – giving children an inside look of all the fun things that go on around the North Pole.

And now that he is tech savvy, Santa makes sure to send a very special ‘selfie’ from when he visits children’s houses on Christmas morning. He can even create a personalized video and send custom messages to family and friends upon request.

Not only that, but Mrs. Claus and all of the Elves are in on it, too. Along with Santa, they send text messages each day in December leading up to Christmas – that’s 25 days of personalized messages from Santa and friends.

Looking for a fun new Christmas gift experience for children? Join Santa’s contact list now to receive personalized messages and photos straight from the North Pole. More information about TextsFromSanta can be found at

About TextsFromSanta

TextsFromSanta is a text messaging service that gives the inside scoop on what Santa, Mrs. Claus, the Elves, and Reindeers are doing to get ready for Christmas Day. Through TextsFromSanta, children can get personalized messages – including photos, videos, and games – directly from the North Pole each day in December leading up to Christmas.

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