Legion Network (Part 1) – The Ultimate Blockchain Super App

Introducing Legion Network, the first super blockchain ecosystem that combines the best services in the Web 3 industry into one super app. 

What is a Super App?

Popular in the Asian market, super apps are the superheroes of mobile applications. They allow users the ability to access a plethora of services in one perfectly constructed interface. Imagine a marketplace, an arcade, a rewards center, and more all in one simple click. 

Come 2022, super apps are being adopted by the global market for their hand-held convenience. Never done before, Legion Network is the pioneer of the blockchain super app, creating a first-of-its-kind tailored experience for each of their 4 million plus loyal and creative users.

Legion Network is changing the game by empowering its millions of international users to join a community of Crypto enthusiasts. Whether you own hundreds of NFTs, are a regular to trading tokens, or have no idea what a gas fee is, Legion Network is the super app for you. 

By combining the best of services into one user-friendly application, creators, brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs alike are empowered to conquer the blockchain revolution. 

Want to sell, buy, or exchange your tokens and NFTs? 

Want to explore the metaverse with a diverse community of like-minded cryptomaniacs? 

Want to play classic arcade games and compete with your friends for rewards?

Want to grasp the inner workings of blockchain while simultaneously earning tokens?

The Cryptoverse is at the power of your fingertips with Legion Network!

In only 5o days, Legion Network has attracted over 4 million app downloads and is trending in over 100 countries around the world. The app not only received renowned recognition after winning 1st place in the Agora Blockchain Convention, but continues to grow its wide-spread community with over 250,000 Discord members and 200,000 Twitter followers. Its various in-app arcade games have gained it a top seat in Google’s Play Store in over 20 countries, sitting in first place for over XXX weeks. 

Join the community today and discover the infinite possibilities that Legion Network has to offer including:

  • Bluemoon: A collaborative user-generated marketplace
  • Arcadia: A play-to-earn gaming platform  
  • Empower: An easy-to-use online watch to earn education platform
  • Rewards: Weekly rewards earned through easy in-app tasks
  • Bizpad: Applications to run your business 

Stay tuned to learn more in-depth details about the many features Legion Network has to offer. 

About Legion Network:

Legion Network is the best of blockchain in one decentralized super app. Legion’s ecosystem consists of collaborative NFT platforms and metaverses, endless watch-to-earn educational courses, a core of essential DeFi applications, innovative SaaS business solutions and rewarding play-to-earn arcade games. Legion Network’s mission is to empower all users to unleash the potential of blockchain technology in the convenience of one simple.

Download the Legion Network super app today!

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