Legendary Indie Rocker Robert Jackson re-releases All Of His Music and CDs with Intercept Music

Robert Jackson is one of the few indie label acts to receive widespread commercial radio rotation with his single “Personal Jesus” and widespread commercial TV exposure with the accompanying music video, which was syndicated nationally on multiple TV networks. Jackson’s lyrics are often socially and politically relevant and this is apparent on “Personal Jesus,” a song about man’s ongoing struggle with corrupt and greedy politicians and the system, and those politicians and individuals who use and corrupt religion as a source to absolve their sins while committing atrocities. Other songs from the album Personal Jesus such as “Gunfire In The Distance” and “Blood On Their Hands” are anti war and anti violence songs and are quite relevant in today’s state of global unrest.

Robert Jackson, the “LAST TRUE ROCKER LEFT,” has put out his genre of slightly left of center mainstream rock with hard rock and alternative influences for decades. Says Jackson, “Fads and trends come and go like wildfire in this business. The industry has tried to bury mainstream rock and roll ever since Nirvana released their major label debut. I am happy to say I use no autotune in the studio and write my own songs and play real instruments in an age where tons of acts use studio trickery and devices to correct out of pitch vocals, and can’t write their own songs or play instruments so they rely on outside sources to do so.”


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