Ivan Cholakov on a Mission to Help Fathers Achieve Spartan Bodies with the Spartan Dad Project

Spartan Dad Project is a lifestyle transformation program led by Ivan Cholakov, a professional strength/conditioning coach and fat-loss specialist.

According to latest research, most fathers could not exercise as much as they should or want to after they became parents. The new responsibilities of growing a child combined with labor-based obligations and sleep deprivation are among the most common causes of the proverbial ‘dad body.’

Ivan Cholakov, a professional strength/conditioning coach and fat-loss specialist with years of experience, set out on a mission to help fathers overcome these challenges and transform with his lifestyle transformation program called the Spartan Dad Project – a 90-day program focused on developing “a warrior mindset and Spartan discipline.”

The purpose of The Spartan Dad Project is to help fathers gain confidence and increase energy levels while losing up to 30 pounds of weight in merely 90 days. 

What separates The Spartan Dad Project from contemporary training and diet programs is the high degree of accountability and the emphasis on sustainability through the adoption of new habits. 

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Ivan was featured in a ‘Get Yourself Moving!’ podcast hosted by Waste No Day on the 4th of October, 2021, divulging the basic principles of his Spartan Dad Project with the host Brian Burton and the importance of discipline:

“First of all, you can develop discipline only through action, which means that you have to act in order for you to develop discipline. According to research, people who succeed in terms of hitting their goals, regardless if we talk about weight loss or muscle building, 80% of those people have some sort of self-accountability,” said Ivan.  

Ivan Cholakov founded the Spartan Dad Project in 2020, and in the span of mere two years, he had already helped over 400 fathers transform their bodies into Spartan warriors. 

More information about Ivan Cholakov and the Spartan Dad Project is available on the project’s official Facebook page.

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