Alejandro Daniel Lovera: Modernizing the Construction Industry and Connecting Builders, Real Estate Investors and Contractors to Builders through ManyBuild Inc

Alejandro Daniel Lovera: Modernizing the Construction Industry and Connecting Builders, Real Estate Investors and Contractors to Builders through ManyBuild Inc

It is undeniable that families often play a significant role in building a child’s passion and choosing a career path in the future. For Alejandro Daniel Lovera, growing up in a close-knit family of contractors and architects cultivated his interest in building and construction. He remained true to his passion all through childhood to adulthood, and today, he is a respected authority in the construction industry with his own construction company. 

Hailing from the picturesque island of Aruba, Alejandro Daniel Lovera is a trailblazing entrepreneur, a third-generation builder and a real estate developer revolutionizing the construction industry. Growing on the warm, sunny island, Alejandro spent most of his childhood at construction sites as his mother worked as an architect while his father remodeled hotels and built custom homes on the island. His grandfather was also the first developer and hotelier on the island. 

As he watched buildings go from mere plans on paper to majestic towers, he was fascinated and discovered his passion for building things. As he grew older and carved a path in life, his passion grew with him. However, he realized that he needed more experience in construction and real estate development than what can be offered on the island. So, he relocated to Denver, where he gained valuable experience working with private equity real estate developers in the city. 

A childhood dream now backed by additional expertise and knowledge, Alejandro established his own construction company, Ikon Construction, alongside his business partner Dan O’Brien and his brother Wyatt Lovera. Together, they have successfully completed over $400,000 worth of construction contracts for nationwide corporate clients such as Invitation Homes and Zillow, completed over $550,000 worth of residential remodels for homeowners and $4,200,000 worth of “fix n flips” for their very own friends & family investment fund. 

As his experience and knowledge of the industry grew, Alejandro identified a gap in communication between contractors and clients. To proffer a solution, he worked alongside Steffan Norton and Peter Taggart to build a platform that would spread opportunities to contractors and save clients time. Together, the trio launched the mobile app ManyBuild Inc. aptly dubbed the “Tinder of Construction,” due to its ability to immediately match clients to skilled contractors and construction financing in the area with just a simple swipe.

Once matched, contractors and clients can initiate a conversation, schedule a site, submit an estimate, sign contracts and start processing payments all within the same chat. In addition, to cater to a larger population and increase customer engagement, postings and conversations can also be translated from English to Spanish, depending on each user’s language settings. This innovative development has made work easily accessible to more subcontractors and made more skilled labor available to the builders and real estate investor users. 

The mobile app is now available in both the App Store and Android Store, and more essential features to be added to the mobile app are currently being tested.

To learn more about Alejandro Daniel Lovera and ManyBuild Inc, visit their official website. You can also stay updated with them on Instagram.

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