Cummins 1000KW Generator Technical Parameter (KTA50-G3)

With the development and popularization of the country, diesel generator set has become an indispensable equipment in modern life. It can be used continuously in areas with power shortage, and can also be used as a standby power supply to achieve ideal results. Then let’s introduce you to the 1000kW Cummins diesel generator set.

1. Cummins 1000kw generator technical parameter

Prime power: 1000KW 1250KVA

Standby power: 1100KW 1375KVA

Rated voltage: 400/230V ( or as the user’s requirement)

Power factor: 0.80lag

Frequency: 50Hz, speed: 1500RPM

Electrical wiring: 3-phase

Insulation grade of rotor and stator winding: H

Continuous short-circuit current: not less than 3 times of rated current

Overload: 10%, overload operation for 2 hours in any 24 hours

Dimensions of open type generator(LxWxH): 5000X2001X2450mm, gross weight: 10000kg

Cummins 1000KW Generator Technical Parameter(KTA50-G3)

2. CCEC Cummins engine KTA50-G3 technical parameter

Engine prime/standby power: 1116KW / 1227KW

Turbocharged and Aftercooled, 16 cylinders, 4-Cycle, 60°Vee, water cooling.

Bore and stroke: 159x159mm

Compression Ratio: 13.9:1

Engine coolant capacity: 161liter

Total oil system capacity: 171liter

Fuel system: Cummins PT

Governor: electronic speed regulation

3. Stamford alternator S6L1D-G41 technical parameter

Output power: 1080KW 1260KVA at Cont. H – 125/40°C

Insulation System: H

Stator Winding: Double Layer Concentric

Winding leads: 6

Protection class: IP23, telephone Interference: THF less than 2%

AVR type: MX341 with PMG, voltage Regulation ±1%

4. Deep Sea control DSE7320 technical parameter

Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module

The DSE7320 MKII is a powerful, new generation Auto Mains (Utility) Failure genset control module with a highly sophisticated level of new features and functions, presented in the usual DSE user-friendly format. Suitable for a wide variety of single, diesel or gas Gen-set applications.

5. Features of Cummins diesel generator set

A. The design of cylinder is sturdy and durable, small vibration, low noise. Four stroke, stable operation and high efficiency. Long service life and easy maintenance.

B. Fuel system: Cummins PT system has a unique overspeed protection device, low pressure oil pipeline, few pipelines, low failure rate and high reliability; High pressure injection, full combustion. Equipped with fuel supply and return check valve, it is safe and reliable to use.

C. Air intake system: Cummins diesel generator is equipped with dry air filter and air resistance indicator and turbocharger with sufficient air intake and guaranteed performance.

D. Exhaust system: Cummins diesel generator set uses pulse dry exhaust pipe, which can effectively use waste gas energy and give full play to engine performance. The unit is equipped with an exhaust elbow and exhaust bellows with a diameter of 127mm for easy connection.

E. Cooling system: Cummins engine adopts gear centrifugal water pump for forced water cooling and large flow channel design, which has good cooling effect and can effectively reduce heat radiation and noise. The unique spin on water filter can prevent rust and corrosion, control acidity and remove impurities.

F. The oil pump is variable flow type with main oil passage signal pipe, which can adjust the oil volume of the pump according to the oil pressure of the main oil passage to optimize the oil volume entering the engine. Low oil pressure (241-345kPa). The above measures can effectively reduce the loss of pump oil power to improve power performance and improve the economy of the engine.

G. Power output: the crankshaft pulley with double groove power output can be installed in front of the shock absorber. The front end of Cummins diesel generator set is equipped with multi groove accessory drive pulley, which can be equipped with various front-end power output devices.

H. Very low fuel consumption: adopts Cummins XPI ultra-high pressure common rail fuel injection system and CTT large flow turbocharger and combine with Cummins advanced power cylinder design and electronic control system to greatly reduce fuel consumption and ensure excellent fuel economy of the engine in different working conditions and applications

I. Excellent reliability: using the world’s leading engineering technology and analysis tools and combined with the use conditions of Chinese users, with the support of powerful sensors and electronic control system, the engine has stronger high-altitude operation ability, low-temperature operation and large load continuous operation ability. The engine can run freely at minus 40 to 60 ℃ and 5200m altitude, and can output at full load without affecting the output ability.

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