Japanese artist Seiki Nakamura launches all-new Ninja Bunny Clan NFT

All NFT images hand drawn by popular anime artist

April 12, 2022 – Irvin, CA – Popular Japanese anime artist, Seiki Nakamura, has officially launched the all-new Ninja Bunny Clan NFT. A collection of 5,555 unique Ninja Bunnies NFTs, all hand drawn by Nakamura, will be sold to investors.

The Ninja Bunny Clan NFT images were inspired by the Netflix drama Squid Games. The collection will give fans of the Netflix show and Nakamura’s anime drawings an incredible piece digital artwork and an investment for the future. Members of the Ninja Bunny Clan will be granted access to exclusive offers. It also gives members the chance to be a part of an exclusive group of NFT collectors, owners, and investors.

Ninja Bunny Clan NFT owners will have full ownership and commercial rights to use the NFTs on any platform they choose. Ninja Bunny Clan NFT owners receive benefits that have never been seen before on blockchain. The Ninja Bunny Clan’s creators aim for the community to always come first and to create a system that assists NFT holders to win Whitelist spots for upcoming projects. The creators are already in the process of making a Play to Earn game featuring a Game of Thrones with multiple clans fighting to conquer the world theme.

NFTs have been created to give owners something unique that can’t be copied by others people. Unlike other NFTs, Ninja Bunny Clan NFT owners will have full ownership and commercial rights. Those rights will not revert back to the creator of the content, in this case, Nakamura.

Anime artist Seiki Nakamura, aka Seiki Senpai, is a popular Japanese artist. His artwork is a product of many years of research and development working with animation and generative systems. He is always on the lookout for new ideas that spark his imagination and the Ninja Bunny Clan NFTs have created a new interest in him.

For more information, please visit and follow the Ninja Bunny Clan social media accounts: Twitter @NinjaBunnyClan; Discord https://discord.gg/M7MyP3d4Bt; Facebook @ninjabunnyclan; and Instagram @ninjabunnyclan

Artist: Seiki Nakamura

Artwork: Ninja Bunny Clan NFT

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