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Circualr knitting jersey fabric

Circular knitting single jersey fabric with different looks on both sides.


The front is the circle column covering the circle arc, and the reverse is the circle arc covering the circle column. The surface of the cloth is smooth, the texture is clear, the texture is fine, the hand feel is smooth, and it has good extensibility in both vertical and horizontal directions, but has detachability and curling. The circualr knitting single jersey fabric used to make underwear (undershirt, vest) is also called single jersey. The single jersey made of real silk is smooth and soft, as thin as cicada wings, and is the top grade in underwear fabrics. Latch knitting circular knitting machine can be used to make T-shirts, children’s clothing, pajamas, etc. Weft plain knitting is also widely used in the weaving of garments, hosiery, glove weaving, and can also be used as packaging cloth.


The rib structure is formed by the alternate arrangement of the front wale and the reverse wale in a certain combination.


The rib knitting has greater extensibility and elasticity, and has detachability and curling. Rib knitting knitted fabrics are widely used in inner and outer clothing products that require greater elasticity and extensibility, such as the production of stretch shirts, stretch vests, swimwear, and necklines, cuffs, trousers, socks, and hem in clothing.

Polyester cover cotton

Polyester-covered cotton knitted fabric is a double-rib composite polyester-cotton interwoven fabric


The fabric presents polyester loops on one side and cotton yarn loops on the other, with front and back sides connected by tucks in the middle. The fabric is often made of polyester as the front and cotton yarn as the reverse. After dyeing, the fabric is used as a fabric for shirts, jackets and sportswear. This fabric is stiff, wrinkle-resistant, strong and wear-resistant.

Cotton wool


The double rib knitting is composed of two rib weaves compounded with each other, which is a variation of the double-sided weft knitted weft. Commonly known as cotton wool tissue. Double rib knitting is less extensible and elastic than rib weave. The double rib weave has little detachment, and only detaches in the reverse knitting direction. Double rib weave without hemming. Smooth surface and good heat retention. Double rib knitted fabrics generally use yarn twist less than jersey, which increases the softness of the fabric. The fabric is flat and has a clear texture, but not as elastic as rib knits. It can be used to sew cotton sweater pants, sweatshirt pants, outerwear, vests, etc.

Warp knitted mesh


A knitted fabric with a certain regular mesh is produced in the fabric structure. The grey fabric is loose in structure, has certain extensibility and elasticity, and has good air permeability. The fabric can be used for underwear, upholstery, mosquito nets, curtains, etc.

Warp knitted leather


It is an artificial fur knitted fabric, and there are two kinds of warp knitting and weft knitting(circualr kniting). The common denominator is that one side is covered with a longer pile, which looks like animal fur, and the other side is a knitted base fabric. The base fabric of artificial fur is now usually made of chemical fiber, and the fleece is made of acrylic or modified acrylic. Such fabrics are soft and plump to the touch, light in weight, warm, moth-proof, washable, easy to store, and suitable for men’s and women’s clothing.

Warp knitted coating


On the surface of the warp-knitted grey knitted fabric, a thin layer of metal film is coated, which is called metal-coated fabric. Usually gold, silver or other colors, the former generally use copper powder, the latter use aluminum powder or others. This type of fabric has a bright metallic appearance, is bright and dazzling, and has strong decorative properties. In addition to living clothes, it is also suitable for stage clothes and decorative cloths.

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