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CEO, Dr. Nakita Davis Announces Dionne Greaves as Chief Executive Assistant

The Women Win Network Celebrates Women Who Win 365!

Jesus Coffee and Prayer has a glowing history rooted in faith, sisterhood, and helping Women around the globe to soar. In 2021 the publishing and pr juggernaut tripled their portfolio by launching the Women Win Network. Housing both Television and an impressive global magazine, Dr. Nakita Davis, her Queen clients, and strategic partners can be seen dominating by the millions speaking on Worldwide stages, publishing International Best-Selling Books, gracing NYC, LA, Miami/Atlanta Billboards, getting featured in Major publications, and walking Red-Carpets. This trailblazing team is not slowing down but picking up Fullsteam ahead! Powerhouses who want to reach the four-corners of the earth are encouraged to hop on board this winning ticket.

Building Award-Winning Teams

Dr. Nakita Davis is thrilled to Officially Welcome Barbados Native, Dionne Greaves, known as The Mompreneur CEO aboard her winning team. Dionne Greaves is now the official Chief Executive Assistant for both the Women Win Network and Jesus Coffee and Prayer umbrella. Her role will be in close proximity with Dr. Nakita Davis as she continues to take her brands to higher heights- impacting millions of Women who are ready to drop the excuse and Play Their Royal Position!   

The Award-Winning Publisher, PR Guru, and Global influencer is known for connecting, collaborating, and partnering with Women who are blazing a trail in their respective industries.

It should be no surprise that the Atlanta Book Hitmaker is capturing elite talent to join her All-Star Cast!

Dionne Greaves years of successful expertise in the Corporate sector- supporting C-Suite leadership, fresh ideas, speed and agility to deliver the goods has landed her a Top spot with the global brand.

In the words of Dr. Nakita Davis,

“Queen, It’s Time to Play Your Royal Position!”

Dionne Greaves, Chief Executive Assistant

More on Dionne Greaves, “The Mompreneur CEO”

The essence of an abundant life is often found in the way that we empower others. Setting the standard in exemplary fashion is Dionne Greaves, The Mompreneur CEO. Dionne is the creative founder of The Mompreneur CEO which is the flagship for her coaching business and the home of her entrepreneurial talk show which highlights the trailblazing success stories, achievements, and outstanding vernaculars of female entrepreneurs. Dionne is a Global Empowerment Speaker who has graced several international and global platforms including the recently concluded Mega Symposium 3.0 which featured 65 coaches, representing 54 countries across the globe. She is also a Business Empowerment Coach & Mentor who empowers aspiring mompreneurs to launch businesses using their own knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Dionne is a two-time International Bestselling Author and accomplished this goal in just six months through the collaborative book projects “Success Chronicles Vol 1: You Define Your Own Success” and “Women Win II: Wake Up Winning”. Dionne has also been recognized as an Honoree on Brainz Global 500 List of 500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Influential leaders, and Small Business Owners recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements, or dedication to helping others. Dionne made the list twice, in 2020 and 2021 respectively, and was named among the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Jay Shetty, Elon Musk, Mel Robbins, and VP Kamala Harris. Dionne is the Executive Producer & TV Show Host of The Mompreneur CEO Show which airs on the Women Win Network and is accessible to 100 million homes across the globe. She is a Senior Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine and an Executive Contributing Writer for the Women Win Magazine.

Known for her innate ability in helping powerhouse women across the globe transform their passions into thriving new businesses. Dionne specializes in showing women the power of balance, transition, and career flexibility when combined with their faith. As a highly motivated professional, Dionne strongly believes that if “you change your narrative you will live your best life” – a personal mantra that she seeks to embody daily. Dionne combines her success in mentoring, coaching, and empowerment with sincere regard for education, achievement, and facilitation. Understanding the necessity of bringing value to her pursuits, Dionne has completed certifications in an array of leadership specialties and displays an appreciated mastery in the areas of negotiation, training, and administration, and is a certified counselor, life coach, and event planner. Creating an appreciated synergy around speaking worldwide, Dionne remains a trusted leader among women and serves as a wife, mom, pastor, and corporate professional. She is often celebrated as a voice of reason, direction, and clarity that empowers women. Dionne has successfully built a global brand and business while balancing marriage, motherhood, ministry, and her career.

She is sought after by audiences looking to enhance their talents, awaken their purpose, and live their life’s dream center stage. In business to champion other women in this exact cause, she commits her path to remain the authentic voice of empowerment for many. When Dionne is not busy empowering women to walk boldly into their calling, she is an asset to her local community and a loving member of her family and friendship circles. Her personal mission is to help every woman show up boldly, authentically, and fiercely in the world so that they can confidently navigate motherhood and entrepreneurship because, in her own words, “success is only as good as the people you are privileged to empower along the way.

Connect with Dionne:

Facebook & IG: @dionnesgreaves | LinkedIn: @dionnesgreaves

Email: info@dionnegreaves.com | Website: www.dionnegreaves.com

Connect with Dr. Nakita Davis:

IG @jesuscoffeeandprayer @womenwinnetwork

LinkedIn: @DrNakitaDavis

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