New book on appropriate and inappropriate touching, My Body Belongs To Me!, hailed by parents and caregivers on Amazon

“My Body Belongs To Me!” is a new book on child body safety designed with care to help parents open up to children about sensitive topics like private parts, appropriate and inappropriate touches, and the importance of open communication.

Windsor, CT – April 13, 2022 – 1 in 3-4 girls and 1 in 12-13 boys face carnal and other types of abuse during childhood. Child abuse is on the rise, and a significant reason behind the alarming rise of the threat is that children are often unaware of ”what is considered abuse.” Parents usually find it challenging to broach the complex topic, unwittingly keeping children in the dark. In that light, a new book, “My Body Belongs To Me!” offers a new engaging approach to discussing crucial topics like body safety and the concept of “appropriate touch and boundaries” to children to make them aware of the dangers without making things too taxing on them. The book is written by a third-generation survivor, assault crisis counselor Larissa Rhone and Tina Foster. 

My Body Belongs To Me!” has garnered a stellar 5-5 star rating on Amazon and is bustling with rave reviews from parents. 

“This book is an excellent resource for parents and others responsible for teaching children about healthy boundaries, appropriate and inappropriate touches, body autonomy, and consent. 

“This book is spot on how the author Breaks down body safety to my six-year-old.” 

My Body Belongs To Me!” centers around body ownership, healthy boundaries, and communication. This book is ahead of the curve. This book approaches sensitive topics such as using the anatomically correct names for private parts, safe and unsafe touch, and healthy communication. It is fun, engaging, and rhythmical for kids. 

Unsolicited and inappropriate touching of children is at a staggering high. But, the onus is on parents/caregivers to educate children about the dangers by making children knowledgeable and on high alert if someone tries to touch them inappropriately and to inform a trusted adult if this ever happens. However, parents often find it challenging to discuss this topic with children. As a result, many victims cannot open up about their horrific experiences. “This is where My Body Belongs to Me! helps”, stated Larissa. 

My Body Belongs To Me is written in age-appropriate language children will be able to retain the book’s message. “This picture book is intelligently designed to help parents, guardians, teachers, and caregivers approach the delicate topics. Topics include the (five) private parts, body safety, boundaries, healthy communication, and safe and unsafe touch. This way, it will help children better understand the concept of their rights, private parts, appropriate and inappropriate touches, and the significance of telling a trusted adult if a person (even if a relative or family friend) makes them uncomfortable. It will create a smooth process of awareness, information, and communication that will encourage children to voice up for their rights that will go a long way in prevention.“ 

“My Body Belongs To Me” is further accompanied by an activity coloring book which Larissa has co-authored with her 10-year-old son Jhayden-Ateir Morrison. Both the picture and activity/coloring books come in 2 versions – purchase a copy for either gender.

“My Body Belongs To Me” will be followed by the upcoming book, “Children Have Rights Too,” written for children 8-12 years old.

About the authors:

Larissa H. Rhone

Larissa H. Rhone is a 3rd generation assault survivor, an award-winning motivational speaker, facilitator, an Honorary Humanitarian Doctoral Degree recipient, author, and a doting mother. Larissa is the founder and CEO of Journey 2 Free Inc. She serves as an assault crisis counselor who mentors trauma survivors worldwide to open up freely about their experiences and share their stories to empower other victims to overcome the trauma.

Tina Foster

Tina Foster specializes in Youth Development as a seasoned Teen Program Coordinator in Middle School; she organizes workshops to promote self-awareness, emotional and social wellness, and autonomy.

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