Rochester Physical Therapy by WV Physical Therapy Treats Pain and Injuries and Helps People Feel Better, Energized, and Healthier

WV Physical Therapy serves the communities in and around Rochester, NH as a trusted therapist for treating injuries, pain and balance issues, and dizziness. The facility also offers telehealth services for clients who wish to benefit from home.

According to announcements released by WV Physical Therapy and Willem Verweij, this Rochester physical therapy center enables men and women of all ages and across lifestyles to overcome pain and recover from injuries through physical therapy. The qualified and trained staff helps individuals achieve health, function, and performance objectives.

Through dry needling, the therapists at WV Physical Therapy treat head and neck pain, ear pain, dental pain, and other chronically painful conditions. Dry needling delivers intramuscular stimulation to relax myofascial trigger points and restore normal tones. The procedure helps therapists train muscles and work with them to improve the range of motion.

Physical therapists at WV Physical Therapy treat pain and movement dysfunction caused by shoulder injuries, neck injuries, elbow injuries, etc. They have the skill to treat muscle and joint pain.

The drug-free and surgery-free treatment at WV Physical Therapy has successfully treated tendinopathy, frozen shoulder, instability, rotator cuff tear, instability, and fracture.

The therapy center works one-on-one with patients to deliver effective hand therapy services that treat injuries and medical conditions of the elbow, wrist, and fingers. The services include wound care, kinetic taping, written home programs, splints, edema control, etc.

WV Physical Therapy treats balance disorders that can be traced to multiple causes. It has helped many patients cope with and recover from the underlying conditions, such as hypotension, medications, and ear infections. Treatments for balance disorders include proprioception exercises, strengthening exercises, posture exercises, and coordination exercises.

The treatments reduce the risk of falls and injuries and enable patients to overcome the fear of falling

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Willem Verweij of WV Physical Therapy said, “Our therapists at WV Physical Therapy are highly trained to provide quality care for head and neck pain. A thorough initial evaluation helps us identify movement dysfunction that can be addressed with patient education, manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, and modalities.

Regular reassessment provides reassurance that we are constantly working to achieve patient goals cost-effectively. Severe head & neck pain can be disabling. For this reason, our priority is pain relief. Treating the underlying causes of identifiable movement dysfunction is the next step toward achieving long-term relief and recovery. Hands-on techniques, in most cases, are an essential part of a successful head and neck pain treatment program.

Our therapists are equipped with cutting-edge manual skills to assist with the recovery of range of motion, reestablish correct movement patterns, and alleviate muscle-related pain and tightness. Coupled with patient education and therapeutic exercise, the results can be dramatic and long-lasting. Medical research continuously provides the clinicians at WV Physical Therapy with “current best-evidence” guidance, so we are equipped to provide state-of-the-art care to our community members.

We look to systematic reviews and random controlled trials to help guide us in delivering state-of-the-art care. Coupled with regular attendance to continuing education courses, WV Physical Therapy has a reputation for providing a high-quality service to those in need of head and neck pain rehabilitation.”

About the Company:

WV Physical Therapy was established in 2004 and has since grown to offer physical therapy services, including a running program, a women’s health program, and a balance and dizziness program. The treatments are provided by experienced and compassionate therapists who deliver results. 

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