Lynch Releasing A VR P2E RPG Metaverse Game Powered By Blockchain.

Lynch releasing a P2E RPG game powered by Multivac blockchain and unreal engine. The company built this P2E metaverse Game for NFT addicts and gamers to play, trade, and earn in the decentralized economy.

The Multivac blockchain and Lynch’s P2E model combine two powerful technologies that have created a new industry. This benefits all the players in the ecosystem and the game developers who have a chance to earn from their games.

Lynch is an action multiplayer RPG and fantasy Game that enables the game players to build their team of Lynchers and compete in epic adventures to earn rewards.

Lynch is based on a play-to-earn and play-to-win business model that enables active players from the game to earn rewards or win and sell them to other active players. In addition to that, the game players also have full ownership of their in-game items, which they can trade for real money.

The game offers a single player who controls a team of heroes. The game’s objective is to kill mobs and other players’ heroes to level up, find better gear, and progress in the game. The game also features a unique combat system that makes it more challenging and exciting to play.

There are side quests and events where players can participate to earn rewards.

The possibilities in the Lynch Game are beyond our imagination because the game players can earn the token by playing the game. And they spend the token to purchase, upgrade their characters, vote on crucial game issues, etc.

LCH Sector:

Enables active LCH holders to vote within the Lynch platform to achieve an advanced level of security and secrecy. The LCH sector also governs the ecosystem through Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Players can spend LCH whenever they want to add a new item to the blockchain.


Lynch Game Looking forward to bring VR EEG technology in to p2e gaming sector in which a BCI non invasive headset connects your brain to the game , and the Lynch P2E RPG game Metaverse is not different from the real world.

The Token have max supply of the 1 Billion out of 1 billion tokens 15% of the game tokens will be offered in a private sale in q2 2022, and 8% in public sale in q3 2022 , game is expected to be released in q4 2022.

The 35% of the total supply is available as in-game rewards for players. Founder and Team will have 12% and locked for 18 months with a 4-year vesting schedule, 10% tokens for liquidity, and 20% of the tokens are used for marketing when necessary.

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