DJ Express is making waves in the music industry with his new club mix to the famous song ‘Yo Voy’; a song by Daddy Yankee and Zion Lennox

An independent artist, his work on SoundCloud has garnered more than 1 million views.

DJ Express, known for his ability to create party music through his remixing talent, has created a niche for himself in the industry. Most recently, he caught the attention of a well-known artist, Zion Lennox, with his new club mix of Zion’s famous song ‘Yo Voy.’


“I found my passion in music at a young age,” said DJ Express, first exposed to turntables at a friend’s party at 14. “It was clear that I want to pursue music and make my passion my career,” he added.

Over the years, he has made captivating music that has been listened to and loved by people worldwide. He has become a well-known artist in New Jersey and has hosted several events with thousands of attendees. An independent artist, his work is garnering an overwhelming response on music platforms such as Spotify, where he has over 1 million streams.

“I’m extremely grateful to my fans who have supported me in this journey. Creating music that makes people forget their worries and enjoy and dance is my aim. I hope to reach out to more people this year with my music,” he added.

DJ Express draws his inspiration from DJ Funk Flex from Hot 97 and wishes to collaborate with DJ Mike Gip to make ground-breaking music.

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