Welcome Summer With A New Hairstyle

Welcome Summer With A New Hairstyle

“West Kiss Hair”

Summer is just over a month away, and women must all want to go out and play with their friends. Before that, I recommend several good-looking and energetic wigs to release their enthusiasm and welcome summer.

1. HD Lace Wigs

The wig every woman must have is an HD lace wig. HD lace is one of the best lace wigs for summer with its high permeability and transparency. High air permeability means that women’s scalps will not be wrapped up and unable to breathe. The high transparency means the wig looks so natural that no one can tell a woman is wearing it, even if they are very close. Most importantly, HD lace is suitable for all skin tones.

2. Blonde lace wigs

Blonde hair lace wigs are the most popular color wigs. Blonde hair can completely show a woman’s charm. Imagine walking down the street or by the beach in summer, the sun shining on their blonde hair, people will be the most beautiful sight. Also, blond wigs are easy to color because they are bleached. This means people can dye their blonde hair any color people like whenever people want.

3. Bob wigs

Bob wigs have always been at the forefront of fashion. The length of this wig is usually not too long, usually between 10 and 16 inches. If people like to be more lively, a shorter length is a good choice. But if people want to be more attractive, a 14-inch or 16-inch Bob wig is their best choice. And there are many different hair textures of Bob wigs, such as straight hair, body wave hair, deep wave hair, and curly hair. Each of them gives a woman a different look.

4. Colored lace wigs

Summer is a colorful season. The trees, flowers, sky, sea, and people’s clothes all make summer beautiful and colorful. Therefore, summer is also a time to try different hair colors. Whether it’s a green wig, a brown wig, a 99J burgundy wig, or a highlighted wig, these are great choices. But the one I recommend the most is a Body wave Skunk Stripe Wig with Honey Blonde Highlights from West Kiss Hair. There are two types: 1B/27 Honey Blonde highlight wig and 1B/613 Blonde highlight wig. 1B means the main color is naturally black, and people can choose honey blond highlight or blonde highlight. Both of these styles are very popular and can express a woman’s personality.

In addition to the above wigs, West Kiss Hair also has many other types of wigs and supports customization, people can communicate with their customer service if they have any hair color and type people want. Don’t hesitate, act now!

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