Structured Settlement Observers Praise “Your Structured Settlement Consultant” for helping individuals selling their structured settlement payments get thousands of dollars more.

Your Structured Settlements Consultant, a local company, has been making a buzz around the country for making a difference for people selling their future payments. Their business model is as simple as it is good: find people who are currently getting ripped off when selling their structured settlement, and pay them more. And now they are being recognized by the Structured Settlement Observers for their excellence in the field.

Most Americans don’t have a structured settlement, but those of us that do certainly notice the enticements on TV that lure us to sell our future payouts for “cash now”. Cash-now pushers come in all shapes and sizes, yet all share the same premise: you sell them the rights to your future payments, and in exchange they pay you a discounted payout “now”. What most of us never know however, is just how much of a difference in payout amounts you can get by choosing the right company to do business with, and sometimes, the catchier the jingle or the smoother the salesmen, the less money ends up in your pockets. 

Like many of us who decide to sell our structured settlement, Kimberly’s transfer started with a need to buy a home and a catchy ad that she had seen many times before. She called the number on her screen and was routed to a pleasant sales rep named Greg. Greg seemed great. He took time to answer all of Kimberly’s questions, and helped her put a deal together. Kimberly definitely did not like how much she needed to give up for how much she was going to get, but Greg explained to her that over time her money is worth less, and she needed the money now, so Kimberly agreed to sell. 

Now what those catchy jingles fail to tell people is that “cash now” is not really cash now. While it depends on where you live, you can usually expect at least 2 months to pass between starting the transfer, and getting your “cash now”. It was in the second week of the 2 month process that Kimberley got a call from Your Structured Settlement Consultant. 

“They told me point blank that I was getting ripped off, and that I could get $12,000 more for the exact same future payments. At first, I didn’t believe them.” 

So Kimberly checked them out and found out that they were real, and had a reputation for finding people who are getting ripped off and helping them get more money.

“After I found out that these guys were legitimate, and that the team has helped people with over 100 million dollars of sold payments, it was a no brainer.” 

Kimberly called to cancel her original deal. 

“I remember the first company tried to tell me that the new deal was impossible, when that didnt work they told me that I can’t cancel. They even threatened me. It all ended up being untrue, but I recall how unpleasant it was at the time.” 

After canceling she took the better offer with Your Structured Settlements Consultant. 

“The only downside was that I had to start over and because of that it did take an extra week, but the team I was working with was amazing and I got paid an extra $12,000 which was definitely worth the short delay for me”. 

What did she do with the extra money you might wonder? 

“The extra money helped me get a newer and nicer home than what I was originally able to afford. I love my new home!”

Sadly, people are getting ripped off when selling their structured settlement on a daily basis. Be careful to make sure you aren’t speaking with people who hide that they work for related companies. The largest group of companies in this space deliberately confuses customers by using multiple brands including J.G. Wentworth, Peachtree, Stone Street and Olive Branch. Many are surprised to find that it all traces back to a single group who has gone bankrupt twice.

Structured Settlement Observers have been very vocal about their concerns with regards to how many of the cash-now pushers behave on a daily basis. From undervaluing structured settlements, to flat out fraud. While this has attracted some attention and criticism from regulators, these behaviors are still the norm. The big players even lobby to get laws passed that make it almost impossible for companies like Your Structured Settlement Consultant to reach out to and help individuals who are getting ripped off. Structured Settlement Observers strongly suggest that if you are looking to sell your structured settlement, do your homework, or call companies like Your Structured Settlement Consultant to make sure you’re not getting ripped off.

You can reach Your Structured Settlement Consultant at 1-888-244-7994 and their website

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