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What is lip blushing?

Throw it back to the nineties and the thought of permanent makeup floods you with flashbacks of thin, overplucked eyebrows and dodgy, dark lip liner.

Thankfully, as with many other procedures, permanent makeup has come a long way. We no longer want the look of being fake and overdone. Now we desire an appearance that will give us the ‘I just woke up like this’ look.

Permanent lips are a great way of enhancing your lip shape and colour without applying any makeup. It also leaves you looking completely natural.

A treatment that involves colouring your lips from within means it will not be removed by water, eating, talking or kissing. The most significant benefit is that it will never come off or smudge!

What is lip blushing?

Lip blushing is a form of permanent makeup or ‘cosmetic tattooing’ procedure that gives a light wash or blush colour to the lips. Lip blushing is carried out by using an electric needle device. This device is used at a low speed and inserts a pigment of your choice into the skin.

You will have a consultation with your permanent makeup artist to discuss what you want to achieve. Lip blushing can camouflage scars, create symmetry to the appearance of the lips or enhance the colour and shape of the lips. Lip blushing isn’t just for the younger generation either. As women mature, their lips begin to get paler, blending with their natural skin tone. Having lip blushing will help bring their lips back to life again.

Once the desired look has been discussed, you can move onto your treatment.

Before the pigment is applied, your permanent makeup artist will apply a numbing agent to your lips to ensure you remain as comfortable and pain-free as possible throughout your procedure. Your PMU artist will confirm your desired shape and pigment tone while this is working its magic. Once everything has been approved, they will insert the pigment into your lips using a small needle. To create an even tone, this is done in multiple layers. The process can take between one and three hours.

Your lip blush can last up to two years without additional touch ups. However, this all depends on the individual and how well they maintain their aftercare.

Simple aftercare usually lasts about ten days. It involves smothering your lips in a deep moisturising ointment that will prevent thick scabs from forming. Scabs will form if you do not meticulously apply this ointment, and your lip blush will not last very long.

Once your lip blush has healed, it is suggested that you keep retinol and exfoliating treatments away from your lips, as this can accelerate the fading of your permanent makeup pigment.

Get lippy without the lipstick and never have to worry about applying it ever again.

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