ProNebu Is Selected As One of the Top Portable Nebulizers of 2022

The Portable Nebulizer Is Ultra-quiet And Small Enough to Easily Fit In A Purse.

Several independent product reviewers in the health care business have named ProNebu as among the best portable nebulizers in 2022. The reviewers include,, and

ProNebu is a medical-grade, portable nebulizer brand for the treatment of various respiratory symptoms in adults and children. Based in Orlando, Florida, the company sells products online and ships to customers worldwide.

The brand has revolutionized the way nebulizers work with its pocket-sized, ultra-quiet, handheld design and advanced vibrating mesh technology that turns liquid medication into an evenly fine mist, making medication easier and more comfortable for users to inhale. Requiring only two AA batteries or a USB cord that can be plugged into a laptop, the portable humidifier is the ideal device for use during travel.

Unlike traditional jet nebulizers that use loud air compressors, the ProNebu mesh nebulizer operates without the need for a compressor, air source, or tubing. This helps eliminate the time needed to set up the device.

The ProNebu nebulizer atomizes water, saline, or medication while producing a noise level of less than 25 dB, which is equivalent to a whisper from a meter away. This makes ProNebu a practical choice for use at any time and anywhere with virtually zero disturbance to the people around.

ProNebu is carefully designed with emergency situations and both seniors and children in mind. Its buttons require a light touch, making it quick to switch on and operate. It also delivers medication to the lungs with maximum efficiency. Clinical studies have shown that mesh nebulizers such as ProNebu deliver significantly faster relief and require fewer treatments for asthma patients than jet nebulizers.

Despite its compact size, the ProNebu travel nebulizer has a maximum medication storage capacity of 8 ml. It also comes with both adult and child masks, a mouthpiece, a USB cord, and a user handbook. Lightweight, tube-less, noise-free, and highly efficient in relieving respiratory symptoms such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchitis, and even COVID-19, the ProNebu nebulizer is a must-have for users of any age.

“I am so happy I bought the Pronebu for my 4-year-old, he is much better with this than his old nebulizer,” shares a previous customer. “The best part is not having to deal with a bunch of tubing and parts everywhere. It’s just the device and that’s it,” according to another ProNebu user.

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