China coffee cups suppliers: Different types of custom paper cups

China coffee cups suppliers are well known in the world for providing quality custom paper cups at reasonable prices. There are basically four different types of custom designed paper cups. However, if you want the print design to stand out and clear, and if you want to order smaller print volumes, the choice is actually a single or double wall cup. Paper cups also come in many different thicknesses. Cardboard thickness may vary, which will also have an impact on the final price. No thickness is absolutely better than any other thickness. It all depends on your usage.


Single wall paper cup and double wall paper cup

Single wall paper cups are the most common because they are the most economical and versatile. It is particularly suitable for cold drinks, but is also used for hot drinks in many cases. Our own general rule is that single-wall cups can be used to hold hot drinks with high milk content and no boiling contents. However, if we use a single wall for americano, freshly brewed filter coffee or tea, the outside of the cup becomes very hot. This usually means that the cup must be placed on top or placed in a cup holder. Using extra cups also helps, but it’s not as good as just using double wall cups. If we’re talking about hot drinks again, it’s not always straightforward, it depends on what temperature you’re going to serve the drink at and where people stand when they have a cup in their hand. If keeping your drink warm is your main concern, then we usually recommend you opt for the double wall version. Because of the air layer, you can get more insulation.We often refer to the double wall cup as the comfort cup simply because it adds an extra layer to the experience.

It features additional cardboard layers. A common misconception we encounter is that it’s the extra cardboard that gives the cup its insulating effect. In fact, the insulation is mainly due to the air layer between the two pieces of cardboard. As a result, double wall cups work in the same way as double-glazed Windows. Therefore, if you intend to serve very hot drinks, and if your budget allows, we recommend that you choose a double cup. This is always cheaper than using two single-wall cups together. If you are serving very hot drinks and do not want your customers to burn their fingers, we usually recommend using printed double wall paper cups. The double wall cup also has a certain exclusivity that makes it comfortable to hold, while its flat surface gives it a sharp look. double wall cups are ideal for businesses where customers drink beverages for long periods of time, as an insulating layer of air helps keep the contents warm.

JUDIN PACKING Ripple Double Wall Paper Cup with Lid 

As one of the professional China coffee cups suppliers, we offer double wall cups with glossy (coated) or matte (uncoated) surface. Finally, our matte double wall cups were textured to give them a rougher and more natural feel. Our standard double wall paper cups have a glossy finish, so if you would like a matte finish for a double wall paper cup, please contact us. For double wall cups, in most cases, it doesn’t make sense to pay more for the extra board thickness. We have stock in two thicknesses and would be happy to send you some samples.

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