Blend Coffee App to revolutionise competitive coffee company industry by collecting feedback about products and high-level insights into customer drinking preferences

First-of-its-kind company seeking investment to grow start-up into world’s biggest coffee customer analytics brand

Blend Coffee App is set to revolutionise the coffee industry. The smartphone app has been created to make the coffee-buying process simple. This means users will be able to purchase the coffees they prefer and to read reviews of other coffee products. 

The app allows users to drink better coffee by accessing information about the best products on the market. Regardless of a coffee drinkers’ experience and preference, the Blend Coffee App will collect feedback and high-level insight about each user. The information will allow coffee businesses to reach new customers, market products to potential clients, and much more. 

Blend Coffee App’s creators released its beta web app at The London Coffee Festival. The launch allowed people to review every coffee they sampled at the event. The launch was a success and gave businesses never before seen insight into their customers. 

Businesses can sign-up to the Blend Coffee App and update, add, and archive products in just a few clicks. Companies can then request a coffee review with a unique product link. Companies can collect feedback and insights into products and customers. Blend Coffee turns customer reviews into powerful insight allowing businesses to make informed decisions to help them thrive. 

Customers can download and use the Blend Coffee App to rate various coffees, access scores, read tasting notes and reviews, and explore prices of coffee. The app already has a number of coffees listed with reviews from customers at the London Coffee Festival. 

Blend Coffee App puts the power of coffee into the hands of those who drink it. The feedback and insights provided by customers will enable companies to meet the needs of those who drink coffee every day. 

For more information about Blend Coffee App, to invest in the company, or to review a coffee, please visit the official website. 

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