MN8 Continues To Innovate Its Way Through The Pandemic

Veterans have been a strong force in the entrepreneurial arena in the United States for a very long time. The passion for achievement has driven the heroes throughout the service and made it more than ideal for veterans to become entrepreneurs. One of the key traits of an entrepreneur is to cope up with challenges that come with not only managing a business but also launching it. As a part of moving back into civilian life, veterans have been at the forefront of employing millions of workers and contributed billions of dollars to the economy. 

However, after 9/11 less than 5% of veterans have been able to open businesses compared to almost 50% of Korean War veterans in the 70s. This lack of participation isn’t due to lack of passion or interest but primarily due to a lack of resources. That being said, Zachary Green is one veteran who’s been able to stand the test of time and launch not just one business, but three! 

Zachary Green – Veteran in Action

Zachary Green is a military veteran and the founder of a number of businesses, who has been conferred with several honours and awards for the contributions while serving in the US Marine and also for successes as an entrepreneur. Green has been presented with Exporter of The Year Award by the Small Business Association of Ohio, Entrepreneur of The Year Award by Governor Kasich, Presidential E Award for Exports by President Trump, Cool Tech Award by Cincy magazine and Cincinnati Innovates Award among numerous recognitions of entrepreneurial achievements.

Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

Green founded MN8, a company specializing in photo luminescent technology with three brands under it. The company was created with $4 million in venture funding and has made $30 million in organic sales till date. 

Foxfire and LumAware were established as primary brands in 2010. These brands produce a number of products for firefighters and evacuation safety. These products are eco-friendly exit signs and safety solutions for which the company received President E Award for Exports over a four-year period. 

One of the very first products of the Foxfire were illuminating helmet bands and epoxy kits. These products helped firefighters keep track of their tools and equipment in pitch dark environments while also dealing with disorientation. 

More interestingly, the products manufactured under LumAware are photo luminescent and do not require any electricity to glow, unlike its alternatives. By focusing on this innovative niche, the brand intends to replace more than 100 million electric signs in the United States alone. This allows users to save electricity and resultantly become environmentally sustainable by lowering their carbon footprint. The products of the brand are compliant with International Building Code, Life Safety Code, International Fire Code, and NFPA while also qualifying for LEEDS credits including EA, ID and MR. These products are used by 70,000 firefighters in 25 countries and have been very well received by international corporations such as GSA, Kroger and Marriot. LumAware Safety has, in fact, become one of the fastest growing companies in its region with an overwhelming response. 

Most recently, MN8 formed ClearGuard as a third brand during the emergence of Covid-19. The creation of this new subsidiary was an effort of the company to help cope up with safety issues during the pandemic. The brand produces protective products such as clear barriers that are used in closed places for protection.

And that easily shows why exactly Zachary Green has been able to stay in the game for so long. Green is not just a brilliant entrepreneur who knows how to launch and run a business, but is also flexible and observant about what’s currently in demand!

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