Belgian Pharmaceutical Company Chooses Haier Biomedical Products for Its Biological Sample Storage

In recent years, biobanks have become increasingly important to scientific research, and many studies require the use of samples from biobanks to carry out their work. In order to improve the construction and safe storage of biological samples, a Belgian pharmaceutical factory has purchased 4 Haier Biomedical Liquid Nitrogen Containers to assist researchers in their research work and to provide a professional and safe storage environment for biological samples.

Prior to the partnership, the Haier Biomedical team actively communicated with the customer, and after more than three months of close follow-up and training, the customer fully understood Haier Biomedical’s professional safe storage technology. However, the overall interest and professionalism of the team as well as the superior product performance in Haier Biomedical’s CryoSmart Intelligent Liquid Nitrogen Control System, that they finally made the right choice to procure Haier Biomedical Liquid Nitrogen Containers to assist them in various scientific research.

The Haier Biomedical CryoSmart Intelligent Liquid Nitrogen Control System is an intelligent system that provides complete monitoring and control for the equipment during mass storage of biological samples in Liquid Nitrogen Containers. The system uses high-precision temperature and liquid level sensors to ensure accuracy; while all data and samples are protected by a secure access control system that not only ensures the safe storage of biological samples but also guarantees secure access to data in real-time.

With the help of the local team and distributor, the products have now been installed and commissioned, and have been successfully put into use, receiving positive feedback from the customer and end-user.

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