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What is Amazon SEO? If you ask 100 “Amazon SEO experts” this question you’re likely to get 100 different answers. The truth is the only ones that know exactly what moves the needle to rank on Amazon are the developers of the Amazon A10 algorithm. However, as experienced Amazon sellers since 2016 we can speak from experience in having sold over $10 million dollars of product on Amazon and launched over 20 products in highly competitive categories that we have a very good idea on what it takes to rank currently on Amazon. And the truth is there is no silver bullet but a wide collection of variables including:

Pre-Launch Preparation

• Extensive Keyword Research (Targeting Relevant Keywords)
• Competitive Analysis (How Does Your Product Compare in Price, Benefits, Features & Quality)
• Understanding Your Target Demographic
• What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition
• Integration of Important Keywords into Title, Bullet Points, Product Description, Alt Tags, A+ Content, Backend Keywords & Using Flat Files to Complete All Applicable Fields in Seller Central
• Split Testing Images
• Using 3D Renderings (If Possible)
• Professional Product Photos
• Choosing the Best Product Category & Browse Node

Launch Phase

• Sales Velocity
• Sales History
• Review Count & Ratings
• Conversion Rates
• Main Image, Product Images (Infographics) & Video
• Creating A+ Content with Product Carousel (If Possible)
• Creating a Brand Story in A+ Content
• Offer Price
• Coupons or Promotional Discounts
• Off-Site Traffic (Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc)
• Inventory Management (Do You Have Enough Inventory to Compete)
• Structuring Your Amazon Ads Account (Creating Portfolios for ASINs, Naming your Campaigns to Easily Identify, Creating Campaigns by Search Volume for Keywords, Identifying Most Important Keywords for ASINs)
• Targeted Exact Match Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Post-Launch Phase

• Amazon Sponsored Ads Management
• Testing All Types of Ads (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Video, Sponsored Display)
• Testing Auto, Broad, Phrase & Exact Match Campaigns
• Pulling Reports to Identify Keywords to negate from Auto & Broad Campaigns
• Turning Off Unprofitable – Low Conversion (Below 20%) Keywords
• Maintaining a Good Amazon Account Health with Positive Seller Feedback

We could keep going but you get the idea…SEO on Amazon is not simple and not a set it and forget it process.

DISCLAIMER: Amazon SEO isn’t rocket science but it does require an analytical mind and you certainly can do it yourself. However, with no prior or limited experience you’ll almost certainly have to pay your penalty in money & time for your mistakes.

All this sound overwhelming? If you feel like you are ready to hire a professional to help improve your results on Amazon please visit us at www.optimizeamz.com to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation.

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