A Mexican pride in smile design, Arturo Arciniega

A Mexican pride in smile design, Arturo Arciniega

Arturo Arciniega is a Mexican professional whose interest in medicine led him to study dentistry and specialize in implantology and cosmetics.

The love of his career has made him a benchmark in smile design; celebrities like Danna Paola, Omar Chaparro and Horacio Pancheri are proof of his talent. To make it possible, he had to look for educational options outside the country where he was born, because for him the most important thing is to provide quality care to his people.

“Unfortunately, the education in this country is not appropriate for what the population needs, I had to seek knowledge outside my country and return to my people so that they have access to quality services” said the specialist in cosmetic dentistry. 

Thanks to his professionalism and dedication, he obtained the National Award for Professional Excellence 2019, leaving a mark in the world of mexican dentistry. “For me it is incredible to see that my work bears fruit of this type because it means that I am on the right track and people are noticing about it”, he said. 

However, to achieve this, Arturo had to face several obstacles. “Educational conditions in our country are complex, there aren’t many opportunities and in the worst case, we don’t have the necessary infrastructure and technology to provide a good professional service. I had to seek knowledge outside my country and return to my people so that they have access to quality services. Every 6 months I update myself, we must be up to date because technologies advance at an accelerated pace and we cannot and must not stagnate”, he added.

“Mexico is a country where educational opportunities make us look to other places in order to better prepare ourselves to provide quality services to our countrymen. It’s not about running away; it’s just go out, prepare and return with our people to provide better care”. 

“Preparing as a first-world professional is hard. Unfortunately, in our country there are no educational conditions that allow us to have the necessary preparation and tools. Education in Mexico has stagnated because we continue to learn old and not current topics, so we do not have the preparation that the current world requires; but that did not stop us, rather it prompted us to seek new knowledge and put it into practice in our country”, he stated.

Other factors that Arturo Arciniega faced were job opportunities, “after working in some clinics, I decided to create my own office. It was not easy, because now I had to deal with the economic, administrative and business aspects. Again, I had to train myself in those areas because it is necessary to know everything that a business implies to make it work”, he admitted.

Arturo is CEO of Dental Office by Arciniega, a 100% Mexican office that provides oral health services with state-of-the-art technology like lasers, which are indicated for working on all types of tissue, soft and hard.

With the help of social media, he has been able to show the world the quality of his work and his passion. “I upload the things that we are doing, it is a way for them to see the tangible results of what we love to do in our clinic, that makes a difference because people realize the effort and dedication that we put into our work,” he mentioned. Currently, in Mexico City they have two branches, one in Coyoacán and the other in Polanco, places that have great artists like Omar Chaparro, Danna Paola, Osvaldo Benavides, Carlos Ferro, Araceli Ordaz (Gomita) and Renata Notni as clients.

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