James Williams’ New Book Teaches the Value of Learning From Hard Times Through Hard Work

The author believes success is learning to find the gain in one’s losses.

Hard times fall upon everyone, but they don’t define a person. Rather, one’s ability to overcome hard times and leverage what they have does so. Impact Leadership with James Williams (now available on Amazon) is a book for all those trying to achieve their desires in the midst of turbulent times. The story of the author will give readers a small glimpse into how hard work precedes success.

James Williams resides in Milwaukee, WI. Over the last 30+ years, he has worked in sales and marketing, spanning various companies. All this experience has forged Williams into a twenty-first-century entrepreneur committed to helping individuals, families, and small-to-medium-size companies get to the next level. His passions include spending quality and quantity time with family and friends. He helps improve the lives of others through service, mentorship, giving back to the community, and helping them live lives of purpose so that they too can give back and make this a better world. This is essential for Williams as the same community made him who he is: “My passions also include helping people, families, and businesses get to the next level and beyond. My mother and father have both passed away. I am truly grateful to them, countless other families, and so many others from whom I’ve learned so much.”

After the death of his father, Williams shares that he had to grow up fast for the sake of his family. This took him through various jobs until he found his calling: sales. After quickly finding success in offline sales, he took it up a notch and switched to home-based sales. The switch was difficult because Williams had to play it by chance. Yet, he learned that even tough times taught him something.

“I have learned that you can always learn something — even in the bad times. When you think about it that way, you’ve not really lost, you’ve only gained,” says Williams.

Impact Leadership with James Williams will have readers hooked on every page, teaching them valuable life lessons. These life lessons will equip those who take them to heart with the needed gear on their journey to success.

Business Owner Jean Pierre B. Biagui comments on his positive work experience with Williams: “I have known James Williams for over twenty years and have had and continue to work with him in various capacities and business ventures. He is very dependable and reliable and is among the business partners I can count on in any given situation. His ability to talk and connect with anybody is just phenomenal, and because of those skills, he can effortlessly bring anybody on board when selling products or presenting business opportunities. I am fortunate to call him my friend and brother. It is no surprise that he was able to come up with this wonderful book.”

Amir Mavrkis, an assistant automotive adviser, explains how Williams is a constant source of learning: “For the past several years, I’ve had the privilege of knowing and learning from James Williams. His knowledge of business and his life experiences have truly helped me to achieve some milestones in my professional business and life’s journey. He continually shares with me valuable information, which has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking that help me find success personally, professionally, and financially. His advice, guidance, and mentorship have helped me immensely. Knowledge is power, and Mr. Williams has shown me this on several occasions.”

Impact Leadership with James Williams is now for sale on Amazon.

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