Unlimited Finance is the first AI high yield generating protocol of its kind backed by stable crypto assets.

Unlimited Finance is the first Ai Yield generating protocol of its kind backed by stable crypto assets giving token holders a full stack of rewards and more crypto assets.

Their state of art Ai protocol developed by the team behind Unlimited finance will be the ultimate automatic yield generation tool, a business model bringing innovative thinking that guarantees stable passive income to its investors.

They have developed a business model that will be revolutionary in the crypto space by launching an Ai protocol that maximises yields by investing funds from its proprietary treasury in the 5 top crypto assets. Think about it like a bot that knows when to buy and when to sell, the profit from this Ai protocol is then allocated in the form of yield to token holders staking tokens inside the unlimited finance pool as the yield is generated using 5 crypto assets the rewards come in the exact same way allowing people staking tokens to get rewards in BUSD, USDT, BNB, BTC and ETH for a full stack of passive income opportunities. That is not the only benefit as the team is preparing a launchpad for projects with innovative ideas and every token holder will have the opportunity to invest in projects launched by Unlimited Finance from day 1.

The team are currently working from the Unlimited Headquarters in Auckland New Zeland, a group of blockchain enthusiasts from different areas around the globe with backgrounds in the technology, finance and retail industries. Finding that many people are still investing in the traditional banking system losing money as the interest they paid is below the annual inflation caused due to the pandemic crisis.

Their CFO helped develop one of the most popular New Zealand managed funds strategies helping many of his customers remain profitable during market fluctuations and beating the traditional banking interest returns now all this knowledge is behind their product, plus much more.

They are able to achieve this by combining years of experience and 60 months of market data to find the best possible staking options all done automatically finally after 18 months of testing the project will be ready to launch on the 15th of May 2022 bringing a new business model to the crypto world with a company that is already working on their proprietary blockchain.

The rewards are one of a kind, stable and generated from, the token’s proprietary tax, the company’s treasury fund and the fees generated by launching projects within their platform.

Ultimately the Ai protocol works like a fund manager, generating yield for its investors 24/7 their product has been tested and the team have been able to grow $100,000 into $500,000 while testing the protocol the same funds that will be used for marketing and their blockchain solution.

Unlimited Finance will have a public presale launch on pinksale starting on the 13th of May 2022 at 10:00 am UTC.

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Company Name: Unlimited Finance
Contact Person: Professor CP
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State: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Website: http://unlimitedfinance.app