Professional Resume Writing News: Grammar Chic, Inc. Encourages Spring Cleaning

Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., urges job seekers to add their resumes to their list of spring cleaning tasks, as updating these documents can prove essential in landing a new position.

The warmer temperatures, blooming blossoms, and plethora of pollen all bring one thing to the minds of many individuals: spring cleaning. A yearly tradition for countless people, spring cleaning entails dusting off the cobwebs that have taken root throughout the year and giving their homes a deep clean. But a recent article published by Forbes encourages individuals to apply the spring cleaning mentality to their resumes in an effort to keep their documents as up-to-date and polished as possible throughout the year. Amanda Clark, professional resume writer and president of Grammar Chic, Inc., agrees that a yearly update of one’s resume is a must in order to maintain a professional edge and asserts that there is no time better than during a spring cleaning spree to get organized.

The article explains that resumes are, in actuality, very similar to the closets that individuals clean out when winter finally ends and spring begins: “You see, your resume is a lot like a closet. At least once a year, it needs a good cleaning—including taking a look at what you’ve got and determining what to keep, what to get rid of, and what to emphasize. Then, after all the unwanted items are cleaned out, you can add in new information to create a resume that’s current, relevant, and appealing. Just like your closet, if you don’t clean and update it regularly, it’s only going to be worse later.”

The article goes on to recommend that individuals start by removing any “ancient history” from their resumes. This includes any details regarding positions that were held over 10 years ago or are not relevant to current professional goals. Additionally, the article notes, any inactive professional affiliations, irrelevant skills, or unnecessary certifications should be deleted.

Next, the article encourages individuals to add measurements and other concrete data to their documents, which allow them to support their accomplishments by showcasing how they positively impacted their company. Finally, the article highlights the importance of adding any missing information, whether this includes details pertaining to professional activity since the last resume update took place or skills and accomplishments that are better suited for current professional aspirations.

“Over time people change their minds about what positions they want to hold,” Clark states. “At Grammar Chic, we work with numerous clients who have decided they want a career change or who have opted to go a different route with the company that they work for. When this happens, it is imperative that these individuals update their resumes accordingly.”

Clark goes on to explain the importance of spring cleaning with regard to resumes and other job seeking documents: “Whether you are looking for a new job or are simply keeping your eyes open for a better opportunity, it is essential that you have an updated resume and cover letter on hand to give to potential employers. The idea of taking the spring cleaning approach is fantastic, and I highly encourage all professionals to take this recommendation to heart and update their resumes at least once a year.”

Clark encourages any interested individuals to contact her company via phone (803-831-7444) or email ( to discuss the resume updating process and how such an activity can benefit their professional prospects.  


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