Healing from Trauma Without Heartache is Possible

Trauma comes in many forms. It occurs because of abuse, or an earth-shattering event. The physical scars from trauma can heal quickly many times. However, the emotional and mental scars can take a lifetime to heal. Reliving these memories frightens those that suffer from trauma.

The number one reason many individuals do not choose assistance in overcoming mental and emotional trauma is that traditional therapies like psychological counselling and psychiatric counselling do involve reliving the trauma. Talk therapy can take weeks, months, or years of reliving painful memories for improvement to occur.

Rosalien Stagg, a renowned traumatologist and seminar speaker has approached trauma healing using the Heartbeat Trauma Release (HTR) method of focusing one’s own energy on healing and healing quickly. With Rosalien Stagg’s One Trauma, located in British Columbia, there can be an improvement in emotional distress in as little as one session.

In addition to avoiding the painful memories, those that suffer in silence from trauma do so also as sharing one’s life with a stranger is frightening to most individuals.

Rosalien Stagg and One Trauma can show how to unleash the powerful energy forces that lie within everyone and assist in healing one’s self–using the life-force all individuals possess.

The Heartbeat Trauma Release methodology used by One Trauma not only can heal individual trauma quickly, but it can prevent even more suffering. Reliving trauma sometimes may cause even more trauma. This is why individuals block it out. The painful memories are too painful to think about and delving too deeply into them can cause more depression and anxiety than already exists.

HTR specialists are trained specifically in this type of trauma healing and Rosalien Stagg and One Trauma do ensure that each therapist is qualified and as knowledgeable as possible in this type of treatment for trauma-related disorders. The spectrum of disorders related to trauma is vast, ranging from mild anxiety to full-blown major depressive disorders. Relief is needed quickly in many cases and this is why sufferers are choosing One Trauma’s revolutionary approach to trauma relief.

Rosalien Stagg does wholeheartedly enjoy restoring the power individuals have within themselves to heal using their own minds, bodies, and spirits. The suffering that comes with years of hidden trauma actually imbeds the trauma more deeply and some individuals are not even aware of the trauma as they can block it out.

Choosing to try Rosalien Stagg and One Trauma’s methods even for one session can prove that trauma can be overcome quickly and completely without reliving it and rehashing painful memories.

Nothing happens though if the HTR method is not tried. Booking an appointment with the counsellors at One Trauma is encouraged as quickly as possible. Allow the suffering to end and end completely and quickly.

About One Trauma

Located in British Columbia, the One Trauma, founded by Rosalien Stagg, uses individual energy and self-awareness to bring relief from all types of trauma, mild or severe. Using HTR (Heartbeat Trauma Release) brings quicker results without delving into the past and reliving the trauma that causes symptoms that are emotional and mental as well as physical. A form, information, and a phone are listed on the website for quick appointment setting.

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