Earn Real Money by Selling Metaverse Property and Becoming an Entrepreneur in MyMeta.

Earn Real Money by Selling Metaverse Property and Becoming an Entrepreneur in MyMeta.

MyMeta is the newest play-to-earn metaverse property trading NFT game wherein players can truly own property in the MyMetaverse utilizing Polygon Blockchain technology, take advantage of multiple booming investment opportunities inclusive of NFT and metaverse property trading!

MyMeta is an Earth-scale 3d environment which is based off the real world where the player can customize their character, run around and mint property (to obtain an NFT of the property deed and have verified ownership of on the Blockchain) – then sell the property they own to other players for the in-game currency MyMetaCoin (which is fully integrated to the activity of a real utility token) or real money – which they can actually get out of the game and into their own bank accounts. With this property, players can also build dynamic & custom structures to sell or lease to other players for MMC or real money, creating a virtual real estate investment portfolio.

Also, players can actually start businesses called “MetaCompanies” in the game and hire friends as employees to provide assets & services to other players for MMC or real money. These MetaCompanies come in many different forms and allow players to open companies such as Gas Stations, Taxi Services, Farmers, Restaurants, Hotels, and many others as development progresses. These services in many ways rely on one another, so working together is beneficial for entrepreneurs in MyMeta.

Embedded in the functionality of MyMeta is a sustainable and entirely player driven economy, complete with layers of location based taxation, free new citizen sponsorship & housing, and ultimately a series of models created by professional economists which allows players to take advantage of a free-to-play, scalable environment providing real people actual opportunity – all within the MyMetaverse and accessed from your mobile device.

We’ve also decided to team up with real world charitable organizations and foundations dedicated to animal & nature protection and conservation, climate change, development and relief services, treatment and prevention services, international peace, security and affairs, and social services – utilizing real places of interest or locations in distress – to do our part in making change for the better, which means players actually gamify and perpetuate massive progress in the real world as the functionality and features of the MyMetaverse take shape.

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Company Name: MyMeta
Contact Person: Jeremiah Stapp
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Phone: 9282234774
Country: United States
Website: https://www.playmymeta.com/