NHU will expand the depth and width of cost reduction and efficiency increase.


NHU is in a critical period of developing in full swing. Reducing cost and boosting efficiency to animate high-quality development is not only a frame of mind, but also a responsibility. To achieve the goals of lower cost and higher efficiency, we need to work on the mentality, practice, and style.


Firstly, we need to keep our eyes open. Mentality guides action, and the proper mentality guides us towards the right direction. Frugality is a fine tradition and a code of conduct of NHU, which we all must abide by. The perfunctory attitude gives rise to a good deal of waste. All departments, bases and segments must raise the awareness of cost control and manage the budget well. While securing safety and quality, comprehensive cost control shall be carried out throughout the processes focusing on key points of production, labor, and procurement.  


Secondly, we need to take solid actions. Through the upgrade of technology, process, and equipment, we are shutting down outdated capacity to recast the production structure and produce best-in-class products. With the improvement and application of our digital platform, we are streamlining business processes and boosting operational efficiency. We are also making the most of our advantages by integrating the resources of land and energy and the policies of carbon emission. Adhering to the bottom line of safe production and environmental protection, NHU puts advanced technology and thorough understanding into the products with refined processes. The matrix of technology + management + resource helps NHU to achieve incremental enhancement of performance over time.


Thirdly, we need to toughen up in style. Everyone should do his/her part in this. We are facing intense stress in safety, environment, and market, which poses a critical test for the chemical industry. Management at all levels need to be level-headed, set examples in retrenching expenses and take the lead in opposing waste. They need to be the first to exemplify the style and walk the talk in this protracted battle.


Cost reduction and efficiency increase is never limited to short-term gains and immediate benefits. It bears fruits in a longer run and cultivates competitiveness. We need to normalize it as an abiding project, take active actions, and seek practicality, innovation, quality, and efficiency in our work. We will expand the depth and width of cost reduction and efficiency increase, accelerate high-quality development, and strive to hit our goals of operation and strategic plans, ensuring the great success in the 14th Five-Year Plan.




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