Inspire Smiles Dental Is Making a Difference in San Diego

Transforming The Experience of Dentistry

Inspire Smiles is not your typical dental office. From the moment you call the practice, you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the people there deeply care about you, your well-being, you comfort, your experience and want to serve you with the highest level of quality. They do all they can to make sure you have an amazing experience. In fact, that is what they stand for – “Transforming the Experience of Dentistry.”

Transformation by definition is creation of something new, a dramatic change, almost like a whole new world that one did not even know existed. Dr. Elona Gaball has been on this specific journey of transforming the experience of dentistry for over four years. She is a highly skilled and very experienced dentist. Dr. Elona Gaball has been in active practice for 23 years. She is the first female dentist to ever complete the full advanced post graduate reconstructive, aesthetic multidisciplinary training with SPEAR education, which is an elite training facility for dentists all over the world. She is in a full accreditation process with American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which is an international accrediting organization for clinical excellence in cosmetic dentistry conducting very rigorous, complex and extremely exacting process of testing a dentist’s clinical skills and expertise.

After extensive personal development with Tony Robbins and Landmark, as well as searching her heart and praying, she discovered her deeper why, her true life’s purpose, her calling. Her heart has always been broken for women suffering injustice, judgment and violence. She contacted local organization that support survivors of trafficking, Alabaster Jar Project and Refuge for Women and partnered with them to be a part of the healing journey for survivors. The ladies do not only get dental health services and immediate needs met, they get full mouth rehabilitation and restoration of their smiles. They get a whole new identity! That’s how Inspire Smiles makes a Difference and it’s felt all throughout the practice. 10 % off all elective aesthetic services goes towards smile reconstruction of survivors.

There is also an amazing way to contribute through charitable giving to the non profit Dr. Elona Gaball created to expand and grow their efforts, called Inspire Changes. That is how the experience of dentistry is completely transformed. You get a healthy and beautiful smile with an amazing service and elite level of care and you get to change the world one smile at a time by helping those who can’t help themselves.

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