Poets who turned their diaries into dream books

When the world was busy recovering and healing from the pain of the Covid-19 Pandemic, there were a few people who were penning down each and every bit of emotion they were going through. Not only did they capture what was happening inside their minds and hearts, but they also gave a beautiful form to everything that was happening around them in the world, by the means of their poetry.

When the right opportunity presented itself, these poems which were scribbled in the backs of notebooks and in between the pages of a diary took shape of different books which are now available for the world to read.

Introduced as a twenty-five days writing challenge, December Diary by Writersgram Publications (New Delhi, India), is the first such initiative which provided a motive, means and method to different aspiring and established writers for getting these poetries published as their individual books! Here, the writers are supposed to submit one poem daily for twenty five days, and at the end of the challenge they receive their compilation as their published book! These books published by Writersgram Publications are available on Amazon and other major retailers, and here we are looking at some of the top poets and their books from this December Diary Writing Challenge!

1. Shruthi Karishma S, author of “Between Minds”

Dr. Shruthi Karishma S was born in the historical city of Mysuru in the early 90s. Her passion for nature, art, music and literature initiated at a very young age and she was always of a curious bent. Her academic journey led her into the field of medicine and she broke on through to the other side as a General Surgeon. Now back in her home town and part of her family’s surgical practice, she finally decided to put her innate abilities out there to the world. Creative freedom is but another form of meditation to her and with the aid of travel and a sense of surrender to nature – perhaps the best form of self-help. A rhyme scheme in every breath and a sense of awe in every other moment, she finally allowed the inner poet to bloom. Her book ‘Between Minds’ is an explosion of thoughts and feelings. It brings together intangible expression into tangible art.

2. Ashutosh Roy Choudhury, author of “For the Sake of Misery & Quandary”

Ashutosh always had a nag for writing. This book serves as the means through which he got to express the ardent desires which he seldom believed words would be able to express. He is still someone figuring out life, but in the process unfolding the essence of existence…. “For the Sake of Misery & Quandary” is a collection of heartfelt poems which have been shaped by the miseries and quandaries he has experienced. The poems tell tales of circumstances and scenarios which people might have come across sometime or the other in their lives. The journey of the poems begins with reader’s belief, proceed through their imagination, culminating in endless possibilities.

3. Panav Minocha, author of “Outrage and escape”

Panav Minocha is a high school student who was 14 when he wrote his first book ‘Outrage and Escape’. He is an advocate of unity and secularism, and believes that tolerance and equality are vital for the progress of nations and the world. In his free time, Panav likes to write, read, watch YouTube videos and exist. Panav began writing poetry during the COVID-19 lockdown because he wanted to capture the essence of society and his thoughts into powerful words and elegantly display these deep musings to the contemporary world. During the lockdown, he felt helpless. He needed a medium to let out his thoughts…mostly of outrage at what was happening in the world. He discovered various social issues that enraged him and he turned to writing poems about them to somehow, in some way, have his voice heard even if his only audience was his notebook. Each one of the poems in his book carry his spirit, of his generation, his world, outrage, and escapism (the good kind).

4. Janisha Johri, author of “Bouquet of sentiments”

Janisha is a teenager who likes to play with pen and paper. In this process she has created some brilliant short stories, some mind boggling doodles and some heart rending poems. She feels content after writing a poem as if she has left a piece of herself insinuated in words. ‘Bouquet of sentiments’ is about the world as it is viewed and experienced through the eyes of a teenager. Even a so called non happening season of Autumn can be alluring, Faith in humanity could be spelled simply, Belief can be a cacophony of thoughts and somebody who may not even have learnt the intricacies of writing can just string together an amazing collection of poems that it makes hard to decide which one to read first. The book is a delight to read and takes you through so many ups and downs of emotions as though you were riding rapids in a canoe.

5. Maanya Johri, author of “Sensitivities unfiltered”

Maanya has been expressing herself through the medium of poems for a long time but she kept it a secret. She likes to read a lot, she is a persuasive astrophile, spends days behind books and nights behind telescope. She is hopeful she would be able to put her name on a star of her own. Her boundless enthusiasm and inevitable optimism shines in her writings, her anguish and frustration on seeing the vagaries of the world and her incessant desire to break free and change is enchanting. ‘Sensitivities Unfiltered’ on the surface looks like a rebel’s war cry for change. However, as you delve deeper you would realize it actually helps you understand yourself better and takes you on a path of self-awakening. The rage and anger that begins to show at first like a gigantic waterfall of emotions settles down like a calm lake towards the end. This book takes you on a ride that gives voice to your deepest feelings, gets you rid of insecurities and motivates you to tackle the world head on.

6. Iman Roy, author of “Komorebi”

Iman started writing at a very young age as a consequence to an ardent effort to detangle the thoughts clouding her mind and unravel the meaning of life. Misguided like the most, she ended up doing an MBA from IIM Kozhikode and working for a global FMCG company in supply chain. She aspires to travel to the remotest places on Earth and eventually rest in peace during one such adventure. ‘Komorebi’ is a collection of poems written to stir our minds about our deepest, darkest, and unfathomable emotions. It will not satisfy an ordinary soul. Most of the poems have been inspired from Iman’s sojourns in Europe – especially Norway, France, and Croatia. Some are musings during her solitary life in Bombay. The poems have also touched upon everyone’s mysterious proclivity towards Pride. Not to mention the Sun – the loneliest existence in our entire existence!

7. Nimisha A, author of “The waves”

Nimisha is a student, following her passion, along with doing her bachelors in technology. She comes from the town of Kerala, God’s own country. A poet by heart, she also likes to dance, sing and artworks. Like waves, in her book, one can find various forms of life. In these poems, one would find how writing kept her alive. There are verses on love, on dark aspects of life, some break your heart while some make your day. In life there are no set rules, no lanes to follow. Each person has to be there for himself and fight alone. In the end, we all are the products of our thoughts which run in a thousand different directions. Choosing to do what you believe in is a freedom one seldom celebrates. And to celebrate this rare opportunity, all the poems in her book have been written in free-verse style.

8. Anahita Rangreji, author of “Soulful musings”

Anahita comes from Pune and is currently graduating in the field of psychology. Poetry has always been her language of saying the things that she often finds hard to say. She loves listening to jazz and is also passionate about fragrant candles. She has her own organic candle brand ‘Patrimoine’. ‘Soulful Musings’ is a bunch of poems derived from her realisations after she turns eighteen. In these poems you would find a mix of her mind and her heart. These are words dipped in emotions that tell you about adulthood, love and a lot more. They will also tell you how letting people go in life is important sometimes and learning about yourself and your truths is the only way to find peace.

9. Nirabhra Neel, author of “Destined Ruminations”

Nirabhra Neel is a student pursuing his graduation from Prayagraj. Being an avid reader, he always had a desire to write. When he is not writing, singing, practicing magic or reading books, he likes to cook. Some of the most basic human emotions are Fear, Joy and Misery, his book is a combination of poems doused in all three. It ranges from terrifying nightmares to delightful daydreams, from stimulating the deepest regrets of your life to providing you with the utmost satisfaction. It will pierce your heart in ways you never expected and it will heal your soul with layers of unidentified wisdom. This collection of poems will give you tears, smiles and goose bumps but most importantly hope, because what is life if not hoping?

10. Akshat Asthana, author of “2019”

Akshat comes from the town of Bhilai, a small Indian city famous for the production of Steel. A poet by heart, Akshat also likes to listen to music, make objects (Origami) and cook. ‘2019’ is a 25 day journey of Akshat who claims that this book pushed his creativity to the Limit and more. In these poems you would find different emotions that circumvent the mind of a 22 year old. Some poems are long, some are short. Some would seem like a proper song whereas some might seem to be excerpts of something bigger. Either way the poems are intended to have some effect on the one who reads it.

11. K.Prerna Reddy, author of “Ebb and Flow”

Prerna is from Khammam, a graduate in Arts from Osmania University. Filled with enthusiasm and inquisitiveness, she aspires to work as a bureaucrat in the future. She always believes in grabbing opportunities which comes one’s way. Hence, this book. Her collection of poems titled ‘Ebb and Flow- surprises are forever’ is the true expression of her love for writing. Through these poems one would understand how such varied issues grab her attention and get her thinking in depth. From love, the dark truths of life, philosophy to peace and unity in these poems she has expressed about the various phases that one encounter in life.

12. Arushi Preet Kaur, author of “Tale Of Tints”

Arushi comes from Udaipur, a city with rich history, culture, royalties and beautiful landscapes. Despite a simple road map laid out for her future, she took up the path she really enjoyed walking on. An artist by heart, she also likes to learn, read, cook, and travel with her loved ones. Her book is a collection of free verses which varies in shade and how she is trying to fill in the left space. At times we get so lost in the technicalities that we are unable to enjoy the mood and the setting of the art. To feel something in its raw nature is what we have forgotten with time. To feel the emotions we feel with certain colors, these poems are presented in such setting that a silly phrase also make you feel the mood of the stanzas.

13. Dr. Vidushi Jolly Kapoor, author of “Feelings That Echoed”

Dr. Vidushi Jolly is a dental surgeon by profession. She is a passionate poetess and this is her first book in 25 years of her life. Being an occasional writer, she loves penning down poems that her heart echoes to her every now and then. ‘Feelings That Echoed’ is all about the feelings that she went through after an unfortunate demise of her grandfather in law. It carries all of the true feelings from the incidents and her life and intend to make an impact on the reader with a strong connect. This book brings blooms for all those yet in search of themselves and their dreams, chasing them and the people they love all close to their hearts. And at the same time, it brings back memories for the others they might have had in their respective lives till date. This book tends to bring and share immense love, hope and life with the readers.

14. Priyanka Bhandarkar, author of “A Flock Of Pigeons”

Priyanka Bhandarkar is a Postgraduate in English Literature from the Karnataka State Open University. She is a proud holder of a Certificate in Food and Nutrition from the Indira Gandhi National Open University. She has also done a Diploma in Creative Writing in English from the same. This book of poems is her first step towards success. ‘Standing on one leg’, she is asking the readers to judge this book and give her some love. The Journey and effort put forward in making this Anthology has been a special experience for her and others involved.

15. Harish Narayan, author of “Random Thoughts & Some”

Basically Harish Narayan is an Aam Aadmi who has opinions on many things. All of his poems are based on day to day impressions based on news, situations and observations. In his book, he has penned down some thoughts based on daily life and news in a random manner. He just writes what comes to the mind without a pause or stop. His book is basically twenty-five poems of news and imagination. One of them celebrates the Victory at Gabba and one the American election, both very close to his heart.

16. Sanchi Juneja, author of “Moonlit skies”

Sanchi Juneja is an ordinary girl with extraordinary ambitions. She is intensely attached to sky with moon in it and passionately loves nature. She has published her work in 10 anthologies and 25 magazines. She is a procrastinator who finds solace in writing. ‘Moonlit Skies’ is a poetry book which includes 25 poems and these 25 poems didn’t just take her 25 days, they are her heart and soul. Writing is a part of her and with each poem she writes, she gives a part of her to it which makes her whole. Each poem carries different feel and a different story. It is a blend of imagination and reality; darkness and light. The skies that are moonlit for her maybe are dull for others or others too look at the sky and get wooed by the beauty of constellations and moon.

17. Prakriti Gaur, author of “Breathings of the Heart”

Prakriti comes from the city of Nawabs – Lucknow. She completed her graduation in Psychology from Fergusson College, Pune and gained an MBA in Marketing from Slovenia, Europe as an Erasmus Mundus scholar. She shares her passion for writing along with dancing as well, as she is a trained classical dancer. ‘Breathings of the Heart’ is a collection of 25 poems on life, love and loss. Through these poems, she gives a glimpse of her perception on emotions and empathy. This book will make you laugh, tear up and joyful, all at the same time.

18. Dhananya Jadeja, author of “Stardust”

Dhananya Jadeja writes about everything she wonders, wonders everything about what she finds real. She found and wrote some answers she got from wondering and feeling about pretty skies, beautiful energies, senses and creation. This book is written without any limitations, rules, senses and labels of thoughts. This art is made up of Sun, Stars, Wonder, Galaxies, Airs, Snow, Skies, Extreme Senses and Everything that amazes you.

19. Sambhavi Ashok, author of “A Silver Glance”

Sambhavi Ashok was born in Delhi, brought up in Bengaluru India. She aims to study Creative Writing and Psychology in college. Besides pen and paper, her other passions include singing and music, sports, cooking and travelling. Her book serves as a telescope, a closer view at distanced emotions and thoughts. Every experience holds an emotion; these poems explore memories along with the thoughts and emotions that stem from those incidents. Flipping these pages, transfers you into a world brimming with awaiting words and unheard feelings like guilt, doubt and fear.

20. Adya Gupta, author of “Moonlit Roads”

Adya is a high-school student. ‘Moonlit Roads’ is her first book and it comes straight from her heart. There are verses on love, heartbreak, sadness, happiness and every other thing that makes our life worth living. This book is the work of a curious young author trying to understand the world and make a change little by little. After reading it one shall see the world through a different lens!

21. Laveena Behl, author of “Myriad of Reflections”

Laveena is a human concoction of chai, books read and to-be and all the world built inside her head from bricks and mortar of the literature she feeds on. She had pursued her Masters in English Literature from University of Delhi, and survives on a standard corporate 9-5 job, which she does not detest because it pays her well to buy and hoard more books! The poems in her book capture mild fragrances from all shape and forms of love, despair, and other eccentricities of life. Her poems are always born in a moment of eruption – a bubble bursts, and all words pour out. The poetry encapsulates raw, unfiltered, and vulnerable outbursts of emotions that are unexpressed, unspoken, or at times, even unfathomed. There is no overpowering theme that binds each piece of this collection, but look closely, read between the lines and you will find the vulnerability of human emotions after each poem, after each punctuation in a poem, and that is where you and her will connect in her world of words.

22. Shivananda Singh, author of “Voice of a wounded heart”

Shivananda Singh expresses her feelings in the form of write ups. The heart brought into life by the words through that can ignite the souls of our heart which is somewhere hiding the pain and the wounds inside, by breaking those boundaries holding the mysterious stories behind that works like throwing lights by turning those pain and wounds into a writing art which are not sometimes does not need vocal sounds. And this is all her book is about!

23. Sugatha Balagopal, author of “Women Can’t Think”

From being a former LAMP Fellow, a Social Entrepreneur, an English teacher in Bogota, to leading the campaign for tax exemption on sanitary napkins under Sushmita Dev (MP), Sugatha Balagopal has donned several hats successfully. ‘Women Can’t Think’ thus ignites a lifelong passion- that of a poet. Born in Kerala, brought up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and having completed her Aeronautical engineering in Chennai, she now calls Bangalore her home where she teaches dance. Just like avial or khichdi that is familiar, soothing and comforting, there is a little bit of everything everyone experiences in this book. On the other hand, there is a little bit of something that tugs at your heart, pulls you back into nostalgia, and even dunks you into the unchartered realms of being that has haunted humanity since its genesis.

24. Yamini Sujit Desai, author of “Life, Genuinely!”

Yamini Sujit Desai, is a first year psychology student, in midst of juggling between writing, academics and music. Victor Hugo’s brilliant quote: ‘A writer is a world trapped inside a person’, is the code she tries to live by everyday, per her there is a small world trapped inside every passing person. Everyone has a story to tell and no one can narrate their story better than themselves. Her book is an innocent attempt at expressing her heart, so much so that it might cost few tears and few boxes of chocolates. Every word is an epitome of real feeling, may it be happy or sappy, self-obsessive or excessively self-healing, warm or chilly, and everything you know to be complicated ‘you got it all right here’. Life as it is with many more unsaid words, awkward silences and lousy afternoons, this collection will Genuinely touch your heart in one way or the other.

25. Abhiruchi Dabhade, author of “The Stochastic Winds”

Abhiruchi Vishal Dabhade is a student, a teenager, an artist, an international athlete, an anchor, a singer, and most importantly a keen writer. She is of the view that it’s the words that instantly strikes your heart and attention. Being a teenager, she always had a dream to see people holding her self-written book in hand and getting inspired too. ‘The Stocastic Winds’, as per the name, that means the random winds of emotions and sentiments we all face and go through in life are penned down here. Do we have to read it in one sitting? Definitely not! These 25 rhymes carry the magical rhythms of one’s life we all could relate to. Just like the colorful rainbow, this book carries innumerable feelings within. You open any of the page and topic, you would flow in its depth. Carrying general human tendency of having mood swings, this could be the best one for you to give it a sight and feel YOURSELF a little.

26. Ananya Jhingan, author of “World and Its Tainted Glory”

Ananya, who originally comes from Amritsar, a city in Punjab, has spent her years living in different states and diverse cultures. According to her homo sapiens are just one of the many living beings that have a fair share of this planet but something that makes them superior is their access to words. A writer by heart, she finds poetry in everything around and believes that there is no particular age to play life. 25 poems in this book are her perspective of the world, its beauty and its bad, written in a rhyme scheme. This book is just a way of lending a hand and telling humans that every dark night is followed by a much brighter day is much more than a phrase. Some poems here may bring a smile on your face while the others leave you to question. But at the end of the day, it will lead you to a place where you understand that each one of us are same at the core and even though you are for yourself, you too are just like them and they, like you.

27. Shifa Khan, author of “Perhaps It’s Last”

Shifa is a student and currently resides in Delhi, India. She is someone who’s quiet, reserved and doesn’t open up easily. Apart from writing she likes food, nature, animals and many other things. Publishing a book is a dream for many and she is grateful that hers came true. While she was working on this book, a lot was happening in her life. Sometimes, she was excited and happy about the publishing and the other times she was telling herself that maybe she should stop. But then she thought what if she never get an opportunity like this again? Perhaps it’s the last chance for her. And that’s how her book got its title.

28. Kaushik Ghosh, author of “Memoirs of Spring: 2020”

Born in the city of Kolkata 41 springs ago – Kaushik is poet by nature, a musician at leisure and an academician by profession. Having done his degrees till doctorate in engineering, he is now at the picturesque valley of Dehradun with his wife and two daughters. He is working there as a faculty in the School of Computer Science, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies.  Contrasting it might seem, but it has always been a seamless transition for him from his poet self to the teacher one. Despite the deaths, joblessness and a sense of gloom that prevailed worldwide during pandemic, came the spring of 2020 with all its beauty. Spring signifies hope. A season of new beginnings. More than in nature, the season was there in the minds of the people – the brave warriors who took the pandemic by the horns. His book is aligned to this brave spirit of the masses that generated love, empathy and compassion even in testing times. His collection will remain as an ode to the indomitable fighting spirit of the masses, which refused to give up and chose to flourish like a flower in the fateful spring of 2020. 

29. S. Priya, author of “Love Trailes”

S. Priya is an ordinary, sober Indian human hailing from Nalanda, Bihar. She is an Electrical Engineer by spirit & a Writer by heart. She firmly believes that love begins from our own self as we are our own lights. ‘Love Trailes’ is an anthology of 25 diverse love poems which readers can evenly relate to, in some or the other way. It has a hidden message of self-love & the idea that love starts from our own self. The writings are centralized around making this adorable feeling more meaningful and worthy, for it becomes a memorable tale if we meet our perfect half or leaves a trail behind, if we move on in life.

All of these books are available on Amazon and other major retailers! These poets who have put their heart and soul in bringing their words to life await your feedback!

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