Product List Genie launches the biggest COD e-commerce software and community

Product List Genie brings the ultimate e-commerce software for researching the hottest and trending products online. Its team of researchers introduces an innovative tool with Shopify integration, copy-push feature, CommerceHQ integration, and a built-in state-of-the-art funnel builder.

Product List Genie, the #1 e-commerce software and community, has scaled up its services to provide a game-changing companion for those looking to start their e-commerce business and increase profits.

“Product List Genie serves as a bridge between its trending and winning products to businesses’ Shopify™ or CommerceHQ stores, where they can push items directly in their stores and get ready to promote in seconds,” says Eyad Ghazzawi, company CEO.

The platform has impressive Marketing Genies who handpick various products that are already converting. Marketers will be provided with targeting, demographics, as well as marketing strategies for all picks. It is daily updated with products that are carefully handpicked and proven to be converting in the advertising platforms.

“In order to get e-commerce marketers the latest winning products, we update Product List Genie every day with products that actually convert. It just gets too exciting, too many to pick from – that they wouldn’t worry about the numbers of products they need to keep track of,” explains Eyad. 

Eyad says Product List Genie offers 101% accuracy. The research team takes pride in the accuracy of data. Its experts cross-reference multiple numbers of data from different sources and various platforms as well as individuals who are actually selling the products.

Product List Genie is the sole e-commerce software and community that offers 24/7 support in marketing and advertising. It features the fastest and easiest drag-and-drop website editor and creator, enabling marketers to quickly build sales funnels proven to convert. Product List Genies has an active Telegram Channel with over 500 members and holds Q&A Zoom sessions in it.

The #1 e-commerce software and community has an impressive professional advertisement coaching program for those who want to learn how to get amazing results with Funnel Genie using Snapchat ads, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. 

It also offers a professional ad agency that leads the charge in running and testing ads for clients until their product converts. Since testing phase is the most crucial part of running social media ads, clients get a professional marketer who takes care of their ads and get real and scalable results. 

In a review, an e-commerce marketer commended the team for helping him achieve results with PLG Products within two months.

“I never thought that I would see $10,000 in online sales in my first year of selling. But I got there in just two months because of everything you and your team do. I wake up every morning looking forward to helping everyone I can in the group, and this has truly brought meaning back into my life,” the review states.

Product List Genie has more than 14,000 products. It currently heaps a massive 1,2000 subscribers, making it a game-changer in the market. The app is available for download on both Google Play and the App Store.

The team behind Product List Genie assures lots of new features are constantly added, taking businesses to the next level. Those who want to be part of a fantastic community of passionate E-Commerce marketers may join by signing up or contacting the team right away. Others who wish to learn more about Product List Genie may visit its website and social channels for more information.

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