Introducing an online web portal for tiffin services targeted toward South Asian ethnic groups

Introducing an online web portal for tiffin services targeted toward South Asian ethnic groups
Delivering you high-quality and mouth-watering traditional Indian, Gujarati, and Punjabi food

Toronto, Canada – May 16, 2022 – Tiffin Stash proudly brings you a tiffin service web portal that offers doorstep delivery of tasty and delicious Indian cuisine. They understand that most immigrants seek similar tastes they had back in their home country for daily meals and require home-style Indian tiffin service. Tiffin Stash brings a quality option for users who deliver home-cooked Indian, Punjabi, and Gujarati food made with love and care. 

Tiffin Stash offers local vendors, women, and home-makers an opportunity to start cooking and use our platform to register and start their food delivery North YorkTiffin Stash is the brainchild of Mr. Omey Mistry (Co-Founder and Chief Technology & Finance Officer) and Ms. Shruti Shah (Co-Founder and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer).

Tiffin Stash started its operations in 2021 to revolutionize/modernize the tiffin world.In 2021, nearly 100,000 Indians became permanent residents of Canada, representing 25% of total immigration to Canada, as the country admitted a record 405,000 new immigrants in its history. During 2021-2022, over 210,000 permanent residents also acquired Canadian citizenship. It represents a huge opportunity for tiffin service Caledon to capitalize on the aspect and utilize home-cooked meal delivery as a service.  Tiffin Stash aims to cater to the daily food needs of these students, professionals, parents, and grandparents as immigrants who have come to Canada with big dreams. Often, they get tied up between cooking and working or studying. Alternatively, they end up relying on junk or restaurant food which is also not an affordable option. They end up missing their home food. This is where tiffin food comes in and brings home style food that tastes much similar to what we eat back home.

Traditionally Tiffin was bought and sold on 2 big marketplaces in Canada – Kijiji and FB Marketplace. However, there are many cons for customers and vendors. Disadvantage for customers

  • Unregistered Business and hence highly unorganized industry 
  • Women cook meals from their home kitchen, so there is no guarantee of food quality or fresh ingredients. 
  • There is no customer service or support, so no one listens to any complaints or suggestions. An option is to switch to another tiffin and keep trying till you find someone.
  • If the food is not delivered, or there is any mistake in tiffin delivery or tiffin food – no one is responsible for the amount you have paid. That’s gone, or it’s up to the vendor to compensate or refund

Disadvantage for vendors

  • limited delivery range
  • marketing, cooking, packing, delivering, handling customers – all this together is difficult to manage and limits them to scale up/grow
  • they are not marketing experts or tech-savvy and rely heavily on old school methods of flyers and mouth to mouth publicity/referrals for sales

Here’s when Tiffin Stash solves the problems of both worlds and provides a platform for the exchange or buy/sell of Tiffin in an organized marketplace. Why Tiffin Stash?

For customers

  • Free delivery
  • Choice of Cuisine – Gujarati, Punjabi Pure Veg, Swaminarayan, Punjabi Veg/Non-Veg
  • Choice of Vendors – Switch to a different tiffin/Try multiple Tiffin just a few clicks away – No longer call and order with uncertainty
  • Track Delivery
  • The dedicated customer service team

For Vendors

  • Tiffin Stash helps them grow their business with 2X revenue
  • Tiffin Stash can help them increase sales and fill their capacity gaps, if any
  • Tiffin Stash takes over their customer marketing and sales efforts, service and support, most importantly, their delivery, so they can focus on what they are best at – cooking
  • Tiffin Stash delivers Tiffin to even their customers at a nominal cost
  • Tiffin Stash helps them increase their reach, enter into new markets where they cannot deliver

“We are thrilled to announce that the website will unlock the direction for tiffin vendors to start and grow their business. We have worked tirelessly and want to spread awareness for the brand. You have the right to enjoy delicious traditional Indian food, and Tiffin Stash is the best place for you.” said Ms. Shruti, Co-founder and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Tiffin Stash. It would be great to see the impacts of this website on vendors and customers. It will give you the previously thought impossible opportunities and get the best out of your business.

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