The Inspirational Life Journey Of Tyrone Whelan & His Path Towards Self-Discovery

Tyrone Whelan is a passionate and young soul that plans to take over the globe with his incredible ideas of collectible art figures. His life story and uniquely phenomenal collectible designs will not only help him explore the global collectibles market but also expand the small market for collectibles in Australia.

Tyrone Whelan adores freedom, living a luxury lifestyle, luxury cars, and experiences. From being wrongly judged as a bad boy during his schooling career to starting his personal development journey to becoming aware of his thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and behaviour, he certainly has come a long way trying to improve himself for a conscious living.

Throughout his schooling career, there was not a day when Tyrone did not struggle to focus during class. He felt lost and disconnected from everything his teachers taught at that time.

When it came to sports or any other relevant competitive physical activity, he excelled in them. He was a fast learner and knew he could be the best in anything he keenly puts his mind to. But when it came to theoretical concepts, he spent years and years in suspension and being expelled from a wide number of schools.

In only a matter of a few years, no school in South-East Queensland was ready to take him on board. This is one of the most disheartening experiences of his life, but he knew this was not the end. So, he left his studies in his 10th academic year and joined hands with his father to support him in his construction business. But his limited interest in the business motivated him to choose a different direction in life.

During his young teenage years, his destiny forced him to live on the streets and fend for himself. These were one of the shadiest phases of his life journey. But he learned to survive amidst the chaos and developed a song sense of living on the streets and in-between houses. Eventually, he found his way back home where he got the time to focus on his health and his future source of income.

From hopping between construction and sales businesses, he felt certain about one thing, he did not want to work so hard and fast for just a minimal sum of money. He believed he deserved more, so he finally started studying every person he crossed by and felt taken away by the idea of collectible art figures. It clicked with him and from that moment on he knew what he actually needed to do for a living.

He worked with a great bunch of freelancers to shape his base model designs to make them look business-oriented and business-worthy. Once he had a sense of understanding of it all, he knew how he had to truly offer his creativity to a global clientele. And, with the main aim is to inspire people, especially the hustlers, the grinders, and the rising entrepreneurs so they can achieve the bigger things in life.

You can follow Tyrone on Instagram to learn more about him.

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